Hello all together! After long and hard work I finally managed to sharpen the textures of "The Witcher"! The installer of my texture mod has a size of 1.39 GB. It contains revised textures of 1. Objects 2. Buildings 3. Walls 4. Animals 5. Minimaps 6. Terrain 7. Armour 8. FX (magic and other effects) 9. Ground Textures As graphic bugs are possible please make a screenshot and send me a message if you discover bugs. The same applies for any problems with the installer. Depending on the power of your system it is possible that the game will stutter significantly. As over 3000 textures were edited and enhanced in detail a DualCore 2 CPU is recommended at least to be able to play the mod properly! Have fun playing the mod! :) Pictures for The Bloodpatches Released! ┬ęCopyright by Jussylein 2009-2019

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Definitely improves the look of the game. There is a noticeable difference, though I do wish it were more than just an upsampling or sharpening of textures. At least, that's what it looks like. Either way, there is a noticeable difference and does indeed improve gameplay imo.

To those having issue with the German: Google Translate is your friend. Either way, it's not hard to understand where the next button is and that the file path should lead to your Witcher game folder. Not sure what else you need to know in order to download and install this.


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You won't see the sharpened textures all the time, but on certain models like the Frightener it's noticeable. Definitely an excellent base mod to use when looking at higher-res texture packs. It isn't for everyone, but I think if you are serious about improving the games look, this is definitely a mod worth checking out. Thanks Jussylein!


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Nice job, I combined it with "The Witcher Overhaul Project" Wich is more than just sharpening. Nexusmods.com?


No warning of foreign language, don't understand it so wasted my bandwidth.


I can't imagine The Witcher without this mod.


Thanx for Good mod


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