--- This mod has been renamed Wars of Liberty, please go there for future updates! --- The War of the Triple Alliance is a mod for Age of Empires III, presenting 5 new civilizations, a unique new culture, and many other new features. The mod focuses on the War its name denotes, featuring a new Latin American culture along with 4 new civilizations; The Brazilian Empire, Paraguay, Argentina and Gran Colombia. Also from the South American continent are the Tupi Native Americans as a civilization. All civilizations will have unique units, technologies, homecities, cards, leaders, AIs and buildings. All 14 original Age of Empires III nations will also be redesigned to fit the time period, including a revolution for the natives and an exclusive age 5 tech that will change the endgame. Along with these nations are many natives and maps from every continent in the world.

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esse mod Triple Alliance e muitoo TOOP


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Good mod.

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