First off let me say that while this does say it is a mod for UT3, it is not. This is going to be made in the UDK, but unfortunately UDK is only listed as an engine and since we do not have a huge amount of work done it cannot be submitted to Games. So as a warning to those who wish to be involved, do not use UnrealED, use UDK.

Now on to what we need.
-Texturers (Final build removes default EPIC content)
-Modelers (While many things can be done with simple brushes, some more complex things will require real models)
- Mappers (I am a beginner to mapping in UDK, I am working on recreating Myst Island, but it is my very first map.)
- Eventers (Kismet, ect.)

If you are intrested you may post a comment here, or send me a message. Please include examples of your work.

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Hey there. I'm Tilocoma, the creator of the "Unreal Ages of Myst" project. You all may be wondering what exactly my plans are for this project and whether or not you can help. You're probably not wondering that, or ever caring, but y'all gotta listen any way. ^.^

Planned Features:
All of the Ages for the original "Myst" including Myst Island as a hubworld.
Some major areas of the D'ni city proper with K'veer as the storing location of the Myst Island linking book.
Effective recreation of a few other ages
Scattered journals that give some back story into a lost D'ni explore group.
Created within the Unreal Development Kit. NOT UT3

What Help is needed:
-People who in general know the UDK better than I do.

If you remember the magic of Myst and would like to help out please post a comment here or send me a message personally. Examples of your work will be asked for, but not required on first message.


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Is this dead?

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still be worked on?

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