Begins the game with no disciplines. Your character is illegally sired and begins as an outcast without any knowledge of Kindred life other than what you get from LaCroix if you don't skip the opening cutscene or Jack if you don't skip the tutorial. Your background is Caitiff and thin-blooded. As Caitiff you begin the game clanless and inherit no clan disciplines or clan weaknesses. As a thin-blood you have some qualities of an Inceptor and through that eventually develop a set of disciplines unique to yourself. As a thin-blood your Insight is expressed as +2 Inspection


Very little changed except the surface is a false veneer of civility, and the street smarts to understand how to make the veneer convincing. Street smarts are represented as multiple permanent perks that the character begins the game with. As a counterpoint to starting with these perks the player selects one discipline at character creation and the other two can be purchased during the game.


As the name suggests, an adaptation of a character using V5 style thin-blooded alchemy, which is much more recent than the game. There is quite a lot of information for this choice in the UC_README file.


Mostly the same but without the V5 unique disciplines. Does have a type of "alchemy" and has access to and uses the alchemy equipment, but in a slightly different way. Also has a weak form of Blood Buff.


During the character creation process the player picks disciplines to play from a pool of 6 possible choices. This is the only character that has the possibility of transforming. Their background story is that they want to become a "small town prince" and for that they will need to be accepted into the Ventrue clan. This is however a player choice, not a forced action.


All playable and will follow the mod "story" to various degrees with very slight variations in places.

This mod is based on the Official patch v1.2, it does not use or contain any assets from any other patches or sources. I do however use resources distributed with the SDK that enable the mod to run from its own dedicated directory (Undisciplined_Caitiff).

The mod is not designed to use subtitles; however, subtitles can be enabled but be aware they are primarily the original versions distributed with the game and are not edited except where this mod adds content or alters content.

How much of the mod content a player experiences depends on their play style and how much attention they pay to what happens around them. For example, there are 10 variations on the Ming Xiao temple sequence, if they get the ending closest to the original they may thing the mod changes very little. Several more "examples" are given in the UC_README file if the player wants more info/hints.


  • The install video above was created for v1.3 and earlier. The Compatibility settings between v1.3 and v1.4 have changed. For v1.3 and earlier, Compatibility must be set. For v1.4 it must not be set. More information is provided in the pinned comment of the video.
  • The mod needs Game Mod Loader support to launch the mod.
  • Game Mod Loader is not updated or supplied outside of the Unofficial Patch.
  • The only way to get Game Mod Loader support is to have some UP or some UP based mod installed.
  • There is no reason to have a separate install, this mod will run alongside any GML mod without conflict.
  1. Extract the main mod archive into some VTMB install directory where an Unofficial Patch is already installed. UP version is unimportant, v1.4 was developed/tested using UP 10.8 Plus. Whether UP Plus or Basic is installed is unimportant. GOG already has UP installed by default.
  2. Verify the directory location and extraction by looking for the Vampire.exe (application) file, the "Undisciplined Caitiff Install.cmd" (application) file, a Vampire directory, and an Undisciplined_Caitiff directory. If the directory you are extracting to does not have all these, then it is not the correct location.
  3. There is an image showing how the files should appear. The application extensions may or may not appear as this depends on your OS settings.
  4. Run the "Undisciplined Caitiff Install.cmd" file, it will be found in the VTMB install directory you extracted the archive to. NOTE: For players not wanting to use the install CMD file, manually copy a UP shortcut and edit the Target: properties from Unofficial_Patch to Undisciplined_Caitiff. In that case player is also responsible for performing the troubleshooting tasks the CMD file does.
  5. If the mod is extracted into restricted folders, run the installer by: RMB->Run as administrator (in a File Explorer window).
  6. If not extracted into restricted folders run the installer by double clicking on it (in a File Explorer window).
  7. Answer any questions the installer CMD file may have and resolve any errors that it may report and run it again until it reports success.
  8. Launch the mod from the shortcut it creates.

file locations


  • If the mod will not start using the Desktop Shortcut, make sure you have Game Mod Loader support by installing some UP before you extract this mod. Refer to the Installation: section above.
  • When you enter the Warrens and are faced with a gate that will not open it is not a bug, it is a puzzle to solve.
  • If the barricade bar in the Temple 2 map is stuck and will not slide make a save where your character is standing up (not crouched) then load that save, that will correct the problem. I know it sounds silly, but it works!
  • If playing a V5 style thin-blood character and the Profane Hieros Gamos spell will not activate, or the scroll wheel will not select any discipline: pressing the o key (by default) will reset the Profane Hieros Gamos discipline. Opening the console and entering resetPHG() will perform the same function.
  • If the character is stuck in some cutscene pressing the DEL key (by default) will clear the cutscene and allow the character to move again. Opening the console and entering resetPC() will have the same affect. Warning, don't use this for simple things like character stuck on objects or terrain, noclip function should be used for simple cases like that.


  1. The people responsible for the Unofficial Patch
  2. The people responsible for the VTMB SKD and all the tools included in it
  3. Dheu and contributing authors for the Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Mod Development Guide
  4. Gimp 2
  5. Blender
  6. VIM
  7. Audacity
  8. More detailed credit information is listed in the UCcredits.txt file in the Undisciplined_Caitiff directory.
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RSS Files
Undisciplined Caitiff 1.4.3

Undisciplined Caitiff 1.4.3

Full Version

This is full version of the mod and integrates/supersedes all previous versions/updates. Previous versions of the mod will need to be uninstalled/deleted...

Undisciplined Caitiff Hotfix 1.4.2

Undisciplined Caitiff Hotfix 1.4.2


Fixes a few issues if playing as Caitiff or clanless characters. Not strictly required if playing other characters.

Undisciplined Caitiff 1.4.1

Undisciplined Caitiff 1.4.1

Full Version 10 comments

You have the choice of playing a few new character variations, clanless, caitiff, thin-blooded, or City Gangrel. Three of the original clans, Malkavian...

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How about not forcing to watch the fricking intro for the 999999th time? Also I got stuck in tutorial with Jack and the only option 1. I do not have a valid reply.
Sometimes, while wandering around the tutorial 1st area, it says that I was detected by my enemy and advances to the next area, but the doors there are always locked.
I am using this mod over a clean gog install, it seems something breaks the scripts?

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Norrwin Creator

Thanks for the feedback. Version 1.4.3 is configured so player can skip intro after the game is run one time and creates a save file. After that the skip intro button should appear on character sheet every time.

If the skip intro button is not on the character sheet after the first time the game is run/makes a save then it is an installation issue, which might also be the cause of some other issues. Did you run the install script? Normally the install script will detect such issues and warn the player about them and offer to fix them. I guess the issue could also be if GOG is set to auto-update it might be replacing the files the UC installer deletes/changes. I don't have a way to test that.

If there is a Vampire/cfg/config.cfg file when you install the UC it needs to be moved/deleted before running the UC mod for the first time, which is one of the things the UC installer script checks for. If you have cloud saves enabled on GOG for this game that will also potentially break every mod, not just this one.

If you do have the skip intro button on the character sheet but want to force the game to skip the intro even on the first launch you can go into Undisciplined_Caitiff\SAVE and create an empty file named autosave.sav In Version 1.4.4 (in dev/not released yet) the skip intro button on the character sheet is not used and a different system is used where the player can skip about any cutscene including the intro.

If Jack has no reply in the tutorial, it means the Python interpreter is not running at all. I don't know how players end up in that situation, but it is more a game issue and not a mod issue. I know that using the launcher instead of using a shortcut to launch the mod causes this issue... as well as others... no sound, lost global variables... which is why I do not suggest players use it and the UC installer creates a shortcut to launch. If the player is unlucky enough to get such a failure on first launch of UC mod, the mod will likely be corrupted forever and need reinstalled, just delete Undisciplined_Caitiff folder and re-extract. If it happens after the first time the UC is run it should just affect that session, exiting and restarting will fix issues except lost global values, those are permanent and can only be fixed by loading a save before value was lost. FWIW using the launcher with the Unofficial Patch produces the same results/has the same issues.

I assume Windows operating system, up until last week I had assumed Linux Wine/Proton was Windows equivalent, but they are not. Some game functions produce different results on Linux Wine/Proton vs Windows. I do not have enough experience to know what all the issues are, the mod probably can be made to work under Linux but in my short test is did not.

There are a lot of bugs in the tutorial and again in v1.4.4 the tutorial has been replaced and I hope most of these bugs have been addressed. From your report I can't guess if it is a bug or some lingering issue from the way the mod was installed, my guess would be the latter though.

To avoid all the Steam/GOG pitfalls on Win 10/WIn 7, I copy from a clean install to a location I created, for example C:\MyGames\VtMB\... This way I avoid all the update/cloud/UAC issues as Steam/GOG are unaware of the existence of this game install so can't mess with it. The pitfall of this method however is with the game updating the system registry properly because if the original game was installed as administrator and the copy is made as plain user. In that case the game may try to run the game using the folder and scripts in the administrator install and not the scripts in the mod folder.

Bottom line, I don't have enough information to know exactly what the issues you are having stem from. A few players have reported the Jack has no valid reply issue and they all solved it, but most don't say how they solved it, a few said solved by reinstalling the mod.

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Hi, Could I use this mod alongside with "Bloodline Extreme" mod to make the experience harder for a thin blood.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Norrwin Creator

The short answer is no, the long answer is yes but it would require someone to do some integration work and developing some UC hard mode from scratch might be easier.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi, so I asked the creator of BE and they said I can merge with copy/paste the npc_template folder to UC to make it harder, will this work?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Norrwin Creator

Yea I don't think doing that will hurt anything. I don't use any of those files and for the most part it looks like BE adds health to NPCs and a few trait changes here and there so that shouldn't hurt anything I can think of.

But I've never tried doing that swap myself so I can not say for sure, and neither version of the files in the BE mod matches the files I'm using. But my best guess is still that it worth trying.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

So, the first thing I want to do is thank you for FINALLY making thin-blooded characters playable, since they mesh so well with the time and place the game is set, particularly compared to some of the obscure bloodlines available in other mods.

I'm a little confused as to why you have an option to play as a "period appropriate" thin blood, since the Catiff option is already a period-appropriate thin-blood as I recall (no disciplines above 3, Inceptor potential, etc), and the "clanless" option covers the other type of Catiff (full vampire with no clan gifts or flaws). Since you had to give it partial access to alchemy and blood buff to make it interesting anyway, have you considered making it a hard-mode "daywalker" class instead? keep the weakened blood buff, and make the character take Lethal damage from bullets like mortals & thin-blood with the "Frail" flaw, in exchange for removing aggravated damage due to the extreme weakness of their blood.

I'm still only partway through my V5 thin-blood run, so I'll have to comment on any other new/expanded content afterwards. Keep up the fantastic work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Norrwin Creator

Good questions and interesting ideas. I didn't know anything about the VTM or the WoD outside of playing this game. To get information for building the character backgrounds I went to the White Wolf Wiki and did research to come up with something I thought was reasonable.

I think the answer is I just don't know enough about VTM or the WoD to make the kinds of decisions and designs you outline.

Caitiff was the only playable character in the original release of the mod. I didn't want to abandon all the work that went into creating it. I did modify it to what I thought would fit better without having to do wholesale changes.

At one point in development there were 11 playable characters instead of 8, the V5 thin-blood story was more complicated, etc. In the end what gets delivered will always have compromise and incompleteness, regardless of who produced it. IMO it's better to release a mod than to try and produce a "perfect" mod that never gets released.

It is always valuable getting feedback such as yours. The clanless character was added because players expressed disappointment with not being able to select their own disciplines at character creation.

I added the period correct style thin-blood because it represents the origin of the mod. Which was my original RP playthrough with no disciplines or healing items at all. Thus, the name for the mod as the RP was truly undisciplined. But IMO much too difficult for a public release, so I thought what I offered was more reasonable (fun?) while still retaining the flavor and feel of my original RP experience.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hi .i am in hollywood with the mission with tommy flaiton i tried evrything but i succed giving the restaurant a bad name ,but the mission was failed for letting tommy live,how to do the mission correctly ?i dont know that can even be done..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Norrwin Creator

Oh my, if the mission failed because you let Tommy live then you should have killed Tommy!

There are clues leading the player to that. I'm only saying that because a lot of players might feel cheated by this quest and be unhappy about it. How a player feels is immutable, but it doesn't mean their feelings are justified.

What I mean is I see lots of players absolutely rage at how "stupid" the game is because they never know where to go. If they had invested in inspection all the places they raged about would have been revealed with sparkles. Choices have consequences, it is the foundation of this game.

WoD is a harsh place, it isn't a fair and equitable place, and again choices have consequences.

In this instance, the outcome you got is the one you are stuck with. You can't reload and have a do over. For that you will need to start a new game.

If you absolutely want a do over, start a new game with a throwaway character. Then go back to your original game and you can retry the quest.

But whatever choice you make is going to have consequences, you can't avoid that no matter what your choices are. Some players will be okay with that, and some players are going to hate it. Which is why the quest is designed in the way it is.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hi .1 i got tommy to give a bad reputatian to the restaurant than i kill him made him suicide than said i double failed . i dont know what to do next u said something about inspection so i need invest in inspection than u left a clue how to do the mission right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Norrwin Creator

You only have one chance to do the mission. If you fail the mission, you are stuck with that failure to the end of the game.

If you reload a save and attempt the mission again it will change from failure to double failure.

Because English is not your native language, this mission might be very difficult for you. The decision is yours, but I suggest to just continuing with your playthrough.

If you do not want to continue you may create a new character. Then go back to playing your original character from a save before you failed the mission and attempt the mission again.

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