The Throne Conquest 2.2 (Beta)

MAC USERS: Simple remedy go to Texture Files and remove FONT.DDS file, with this file removed, all text will be as normal, works every time!.


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Add a templar state in south of sarranid: (credits)

Reward for Zendar Quest (Zendar)

Add more music :

Improve Texture: Already do

Add Shaders: already do

Baronne Alyss (make possible marry with she)

The Throne Conquest aims to improve the medieval and realistic aspect of Mount & Blade : Warband with native compilation. This improvement comes from additions and modifications concerning several aspects of the game, ranging from new textures and sounds to gameplay evolution. The goal being to provide a better experience while staying close enought to the native experience, by making small but still noticeable changes. This mod features the following content (sorted in 2 categories for visibility purposes :

- Improved sounds
- Improved armors' textures
- Improved environment (sky, floor, ...)
- More realistic and immersive musics
- More realistic and immersive animations
- New armor skins
- New banners
- New menu textures
- Sweet fx
-New animations
-French voices
- New diplomacy options
- Custom troops tree
- Create outpost
-3 new heroes
-New mercenaries
-New fight system (IA kick and use shield bash, and you can do shield bash)
-New weapons and armors
-Unique scenes
-You can deliver Zendar
-Unique custom battle system
-New options(like show life and the troops names...)
- Custom troops for Swadia, Nords and Rhodocks
- Improved AI
- Added patrolling system
-New faction: Gueldar


La Conquete du Trône vise à améliorer l'aspect médiéval de Mount & Blade: Warband avec "Native Compilation". Cette amélioration contient des ajouts et des modifications concernant plusieurs aspects du jeu, allant de nouvelles textures et de sons jusqu'à l'amelioration du gameplay. Le but étant de fournir une meilleure expérience tout en restant assez près à l'expérience native, en faisant de petits changements, mais encore visibles.
- sons améliorés
- Meilleur texture pour les armures
- Amélioration de l'environnement (ciel, sol, ...)
- musiques plus réalistes et immersives
- animations plus réalistes et immersives
- nouvelles textures pour les armures
- De nouvelles bannières
- De nouvelles textures de menu
- Fx Doux(Sweet fx)
-Voix Françaises
-Nouvelles animations
- Nouvelles options de diplomatie
- Arbre de troupes personnalisés
- Créer des avant-postes pouvant être améliorer
- Les troupes personnalisées pour Swadia, Nords et Rhodocks
- Amélioration de l'IA
- Système de patrouille Ajouté
- voix françaises
-Nouvelle faction: Gueldar
-Vous pouvez libérer Zendar
-3 nouveaux héros
-Nouveaux Mercenaires
-Nouveaux systemes de combats (Les IA peuvent faire des coup de pieds et de bouclier tout comme vous)
-Nouvelles armes et armures
-Systeme de Batailles rapide unique
Nouvelles options (Voir la vie des soldats et leurs noms...)


The Throne Conquest zielt darauf den mittelalterlichen Teil und den Realismus in Bezug auf Mount & Blade : Warband mit dieser Native Modsammlung zu verbessern. Diese Verbesserung kommt mit Zusätzen und Modifikationen für verschiedene Teile des Spiels, welche von neuen Texturen und Sounds, bis hin zu völlig neuen Gameplay-Konzepten reichen. Das Ziel war es ein besseres Spielerlebnis zu bieten, während man aber noch nahe am Original bleiben wollte, mit kleinen aber wahrnehmbaren Änderungen. Dieser Mod enthält folgende Inhalte (für bessere Übersicht in zwei Kategorien unterteilt):

- Verbesserte Sounds
- Verbesserte Rüstungstexturen
- Verbesserte Umgebung (Himmel, Boden, ...)
- Realistischere und intensivere Musik
- Realistischere und intensivere Animationen
- New armor skins
- Neue Banner
- Neue Texturen für Menüs
- Sweet fx
- Neue Animationen
- Französische Vertonung / Stimmen

- Neue Diplomatie Einstellungen
- Truppupgrade Baum
- Errichte Außenposten
- Diplomacy (Diplomatie)
- Freelancer (Unabhängige)
- 3 neue Gefährten
- Neues Kampfsystem (KI kickt und benutzt Schildschlag - auch für den Spieler)
- Neue Waffen und Rüstungen
- Einzigartige Maps und Schauplätze
- Du kannst Zendar befreien
- Einzigartiges System für benutzerdefinierte Schlachten
- Neue Einstellungsmöglichkeiten (wie: Zeige Leben, zeige Truppnamen, ...)
- Andere Truppen für Swadier, Nords and Rhodoks
- Verbesserte KI
- Patrouillensystem hinzugefügt
- Neue Fraktion: Gueldar

Credit list:

Skyboxes /Lighting by ShaunRemo

Native Scene Replacement Pack

Unique Fight system

Native Compilations

Cinematic Compilations

Realistic Textures Pack V.1.1

Combat Animation Enchancement

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Information about 2.2


Hi all, I inform you we continue to work on 2.2 and no, this mod is not dead (we are just very occupied with school and other) I got some features who are already added but I need some people for test it I add shaders(link in credits) and I change the combat system effect(for more realism) _Horse charge penetrate and do more damage _armure are more resistent _ Thrust are little more powerful, in few day I gonna post a Dropbox link for the beta of the 2.2, I want advice about this.

Some screenshot from the beta of the 2.2

Lancers on the battlefield

Blood effect


Dust and sunset

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New native for english coming

New native for english coming


I already release french version of the new native, now It's time for english !

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Native [EN]

Native [EN]

Full Version 4 comments

Here is the english native, a new native with better sounds,music,graphics. For an a more immersive gameplay +Neogk is added (latest version) Don't forget...

Native [FR]

Native [FR]

Full Version

C'est une version amélioré de native, biensûr il marchent en multi, il contient aussi Neogk (a jour) N'oubliez de faire un Backup ou cas ou ce native...

The Throne Conquest 2.1.1

The Throne Conquest 2.1.1

Full Version 2 comments

Here is the version 2.1.1 of the mod The Throne Conquest.

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I was wondering why did the mod disappear off the workshop, is it dead? I'm still subbed to it so I still got 2.1 but I'm just curious.

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Leofrid Creator

We don't work anymore, but beta (2.2) is the final version, It's been to hard to continue with the study

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whats is the name of the music Arena_2?

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Leofrid Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

i can disable the castles overhaul, i have lag in the game

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Leofrid Creator

Normally you can

Reply Good karma+1 vote

no idea how to dl shaders

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Leofrid Creator

Shader are already in the mods, you don't need to download it but if you want download them, I credit the OSP in credit list

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Saranids with ******* katanas like Samurai deleted or no?

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Leofrid Creator

It's scimitar and no

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