Well hello there, recently, for about a year I have been waiting for The Clone Wars Mod by thewulfman and his team, however they are still very busy and will not finish it any time soon, so instead of hanging myself I rethought my situation, and with inspiration from Republic heroes, The Fall of the Republic and the Battles of the Clone wars, (all mods that have recently appeared)I have decided to start making my own mod. With school to deal with, only being 15, having no prior modding experience and all that crud, what could go wrong?

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A publisher file detailing my ideas/ concepts for this mod. Thank you to anyone who still has faith in me.

Mod Concept Ideas
MandaMaulion Author

The thumbnail's meant to say " I'M BACK" at the top but I guess Mod DB wants to make me look like a total jerk XD.

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I think a Holiday Special Boba Fett skin would be a cool mod.

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MandaMaulion Author

I have a completely different non canon model planned for him. although i might make an earth map with a **** ton of units like holiday special boba fett and so on, and the map being set in comicon XD.

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Interesting concepts (also a pain in the *** to open that .pub file) but so far, this doesn't actually seem too crazy. Very optimistic, yes, but that is not a bad thing considering some mod makers have spent a literal decade doing stuff like this. So first, I recommend a website called gametoast.com for help with certain issues while you mod. Next, on ModDB, search "modders" (without parenthesis) in the SWBF2 files as well as addons. Maybe you dont have to take these models and use them for yourself, but you can use the models to teach yourself generally where they go and how they work (Ahsoka Tano by Netmarble Games, and Teancum is recommended because it is a little easier to understand where to put the files). Next, use outside tools. Some helpful outside tools for modeling, etc., etc.:

Softimage XSI Mod Tool
XSI ZE Tools

There are more, so do not limit yourself to strictly these ones. Next, I know this one is a little weird, but try to be on different websites more. Steam discussions are sometimes helpful, Youtube and so are a few others. If you limit yourself to 1 website it limits how many people will actually help. For the third thing, just remember maps can be HUGE just by accident. I have been modding 1 map for a while, and I made it very big by accident, and it took a while to figure out how to get things to work properly without letting the game look awful. And lastly, I consider myself a beginner modder and I am slowly moving to where I am more comfortable about making meshs and things, so if you really need some help I would be willing to help with what I can, but I make no promises like "I can totally get all of this done" or anything, and I do have some responsibilities, so I can't chit chat 24/7. Also the whole, "Im never meeting you in person (honestly I doubt we would even call on Discord or anything), Im not liable for you messing anything up (files, games, etc., etc.)" you know, basically the whole, "stranger danger" and "I am not responsible for your mistakes" BS.

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