The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King is a mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms and based around the fantasy world of Game workshop's Warhammer universe during the civil war between the Elves, the mod's campaign opens with the Death of Bel Shanaar in -2751 IC.

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Here you have the White Lions of Chrace. Enjoy this daily pic mates!

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White Lions

The White Lions are the personal guard of the Phoenix King. They form a number of substantial regiments that protect the King's palace in peacetime and accompany him in time of war. Traditionally the White Lions are recruited from the rugged land of Chrace, a perilous realm whose inhabitants are great woodsmen and fierce warriors. Those woodsman of Chrace who prove themselves worthy to become a member of the King's elite bodyguard are expert warriors, who fight with long-handled axes. Shoulder to shoulder with their comrades, White Lions are capable of weathering the deadliest assaults before retaliating with swift, crushing blows.

The White Lions trace their origins back to the time of Caledor the First. Caledor was hunting in Chrace when he received the news that he was to be the next Phoenix King. He immediately took the road to the Shrine of Asuryan. On route he was intercepted by Dark Elf assassins who had doubtlessly learned of the new Phoenix King's identity from their spied at court. Caledor would surely have died were it not for the intervention of a party of Chracian hunters who swept out of the forest, throwing the Dark Elves into disarray with the suddenness of their attack, before cutting the assassins down with their axes.

Having overcome the assassins, the Chracians proceeded to escort the Phoenix King to the Shrine, easily avoiding further Dark Elves by means of their expert woodcraft. Caledor adopted the Chracians as his bodyguard, and formed them into a proper regiment based in Lothern. It is a great honor amongst the Chracians to accompany the Phoenix King, and one which must earned by slaying a White Lion, one of the most dangerous creatures of that wild land. This exceptionally difficult task is the traditional rite of the Chracian warrior, entitling him to wear the lion's pelt as a mark of courage. The pelt has another use too, for the fur of a white lion is abnormally thick, and worn over armour it offers excellent protection against the arrows and shot of their enemies. White Lion regiments are often despatched to join the armies of Ulthuan during times of particular danger, tasked with protecting High Elf generals, mages or bolstering the overall strenght of the army. White Lions are renowned for their unflinching courage in the face of overwhelming odds and terrible horrors, protecting their charge whatever the for and regardless of the danger to themselves.


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