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RSS Happy Easter Stargate Fans!

We have already announced it a while ago: this time there will be some screenshots showing what's currently going on behind the scenes! Including some special surprises...

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A Happy Easter to all fans of The STARGATE Mod!

We have already announced it a while ago: this time there will be some screenshots showing what's currently going on behind the scenes! Click on the previews on the box below to navigate to the respective section in our gallery.

Screenshots of Roswell 47

The images below are work-in-progress screenshots from the dm_roswell47 multiplayer map by Fuzyhead. You think the name sounds familiar? Yes it does, it's the map we chose for our layout test in the last Christmas Special. Still does not ring a bell? Organge walls maybe? What, you didn't play it yet? Well head right over to the dm_roswell47 layout test feedback thread!

Roswell 47 screenshot Roswell 47 screenshot

Screenshots of Achilles

These images were taken from a map called "Achilles" and show some nice Goa'uld architecture. The map was again created by Fuzyhead.

Achilles screenshot Achilles screenshot Achilles screenshot Achilles screenshot

New Staff Weapon Skin

The image below shows a special render of the Staff weapon model by Ray with a new skin by EdMolf. And hey, look at them nice eggs! Now you know that there might be be some "easter eggs" hidden in the Mod ;D Furthermore, the staff weapon model itself is currently being refined with more details. More information will be given as soon as it is done (watch out for updates in the Modeler & 2D Artist Blog!).

Staff weapon render

New Event Horizon Texture & Wallpaper

EdMolf has created a really cool new event horizon texture for our Stargate. It looks even more like the one used in the TV series compared to our old version. Of course it's also animated with currently 50 different frames (!). Please excuse the orange background, this was taken in one of our dev-maps. The second image below shows a new wallpaper EdMolf has created for you. Definitely a must-have! ;-)

New event horizon texture Event horizon wallpaper

HUD Preview

The following screenshot shows our in-game HUD. In the lower left corner, the current number of ammo and magazines is shown, as well as the player's health status. On the upper right, a "radar scope" is located which shows the location of allied players and NPCs. By the way, the screenshot was taken in Stino's "Frostbite" map and the player carries an FN-P90 as known from the TV series.

In-game HUD

Last, but definitely not least...

There's one more special thing left to discover. As the layout test map we provided to the community in the last christmas special was so successful, we decided to make yet another map ready to play in HL2 Deathmatch for you. This time, we chose Stino's "Anubis" map to be released. Note that this map only contains the layout of the final map, but of course almost all textures are again missing. This is just a layout test.

On this Sunday and Monday, there will be a Community vs. Developers match in the layout test map (on our gameserver, see below). So be at the gameserver below either on Easter Sunday (March 23) at about 8:00 pm CET (that's UTC+1) or on Monday (March 24) at approximately 8:00 pm CET (or both)! The best way to never miss out on a second of action-driven and amusing getting-your-asses-kicked-by-the-devs match is to join our Steam Community Group and let pop-up events tell you when it's time to join the server!

You can also download the map from our website and extract the *.bsp file into your hl2dm/maps directory: Download

Please post your comments in the respective forum thread. To get an impression of what the final map will look like, see here:

New event horizon texture

That's all for now! We'd be happy to see you in the community vs. developers match!

Henley Staff

thats a very good media update

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That's really an awsome media update. Everything looks really detailed and advanced allready. I like the pyramide Anubis map with the water in front. Could be a cool wallpaper.

Keep working you guys do a fine job!

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Looking seriously sweet guys! I downloaded & tried you're Anubis Layout map earlier offline and the layout is sweet! Would make for some seriously fun 16 v 16 DM gameplay..!! So... no Crits from me anyway! Only praise! lol.

Really looking forward to the final release of the Anubis map in particular! Keep it up!! ;)

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Nice Media

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice work guys, looking better all the time...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Look's good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yes, it looks amazing !
cant wait to play it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i can't wait.i am a fan of SG-1 and atlantis and it looks like a great game

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