The STARGATE Mod is a non-commercial project that is created by Stargate fans all around the world for the Stargate Community. It has been around since 1999. Our goal is to create a total conversion for the Half-LifeĀ² engine that will journey the player through the Stargate universe as known from the movies and TV series. The mod will eventually feature a singleplayer mode with a compelling story as well as several multiplayer modes. Read our Blog on our team's profile page. We are looking for talented mappers, texture artists, modelers, animation artists and more. See our jobs page for details!

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Artists located Anywhere.

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Concept Artist on a voluntary basis.

The Stargate Mod, a free total conversion for the Source Engine, is in search of experienced Concept Artists.

What is The Stargate Mod - ?
Our goal is to recreate the Stargate universe on the Source Engine. It will feature both Multiplayer and Singleplayer versions although we are currently concentrating on the multiplayer part. The mod will feature well-known game modes such as (Team-)Deathmatch and Last Man Standing but also altered versions of Capture the Flag as well as special game modes suiting the Stargate theme. Maps will offer a great variety of battlefields due to single maps being able to contain several vastly different locations. Gameplay focuses on a more tactical approach to win matches, demanding good teamwork skills.

What we can offer you:
* International Team of experienced developers and gamers.
* Friendly work environment.
* High-quality content.

What you need:
* Drawing of perspective Sketches
* Ability to colorize drawings
* Creativity
* Creation of innovative conceptual art
* When drawing with pen and paper a scanner is mandatory
* Knowledge about the Stargate universe is an advantage

If you want to apply to for this job but think you don't fit all of these requirements, please apply anyhow. We will then check whether we can use your skills in any other way.

To Apply

Fill out our application form at , make sure you've included links to previous work and hit send! Alternatively you can also enter your application through our forum or via E-Mail ( ).

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