You are known only as patient #19. You've been in an accident, and fallen into coma-like state. You have to investigate the depths of your mind known as The Stairs of Subconsciousness to wake up, or will you?

Z0D14CS0L says

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This custom story is quite atmospheric. The story of the mod is simple, yet subtly deeper than most around here.
The concept behind the story is interesting, and that what make this mod so unique.
The scare moments are well done. They make you jump literaly, but in the good way.
Also, there are no jumpscares, and that is awesome.
What this custom story lacks is a proper development of the gameplay mechanics, making it too linear.
But, using some of the mechanics of amnesia, adding a good concept behind, and with a decent level design, i said we have a success here.
Its a short and entertaining ride, with tension and a good amount of complexity.
Unfortunately, this is one ride. It doesn't have any kind of replay value.
But i really enjoyed this little mod. I would really like to see another work from this developer.

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This story runs deep, but the fear runs deeper.
I'm not really sure what I loved most. The extremely dark and spooky enviroment or the deep story. Both of them really well created!

Review V.2

You fixed alot of the glitches and bugs I found and the story is a bit more detaild. It's a really good story! Sad it's so short, but it was a fun experience. Would love to see more from you :)

9/10 - Awesome

Mar 16 2013 by KrustiClawn