You are known only as patient #19. You've been in an accident, and fallen into coma-like state. You have to investigate the depths of your mind known as The Stairs of Subconsciousness to wake up, or will you?

chap1400 says

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Pretty good custom story. Great atmosphere, constantly felt threatened and vulnerable. The story was simple but that isn't necessarily a bad point. The music was really fitting and tied in with some of the scares well.

There were a few scares that I didn't like, such as the 'spawn in face' events. I did notice a few map errors here and there, however it was good overall. Loved the link between modern day and amnesia style environments,I thought it added a lot. It was short but I still enjoyed it. Voice acting wasn't too bad, though a little drowned out at times.

For a single-person mod, it's really good! Would recommend it as it's well worth a play through - Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go change my pants.

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This story runs deep, but the fear runs deeper.
I'm not really sure what I loved most. The extremely dark and spooky enviroment or the deep story. Both of them really well created!

Review V.2

You fixed alot of the glitches and bugs I found and the story is a bit more detaild. It's a really good story! Sad it's so short, but it was a fun experience. Would love to see more from you :)

9/10 - Awesome

Mar 16 2013 by KrustiClawn