The Specialists is an action mod created by Filippo "Morfeo" De Luca and Lorenzo "John_Matrix" Pasini, built on by a strong willed community and the first multiplayer game ever featuring slowmotion. The standards of the First Person Shooter still apply but are augmented by an intuitive stunt system, slow motion action, hand to hand combat and an array of melee weapons, customizable firearms, particle effects and the ability to play from a third-person camera.

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The Specialists 3.0 Release

News 21 comments

After a very long waiting period, the team behind the creation of the Half-Life mod “The Specialists” have unveiled the latest version of their game...

The Specialists Mod 2.1 Has been released!

News 14 comments

Here's the list of what you'll be finding in 2.1: New thrown weapon physics. Weapons will fall and tumble in a realistic manner. - Updated particle...

The Specialists Release

News 10 comments

WoW! What can I say the intro for the new release of the Half Life mod The Specialists is just amazing. Than you have the mod to play! So get your "game...

The Specialists mod interview

News 1 comment

Since I did the interview and the dns changed and caused many not to notice this mod and interview I am reposting this! The Specialists mod interview...

The Specialists mod interview

News 26 comments

The Specialists mod interview is ready for your reading pleasure! Describe the best feature in the mod in your opinion? What should the person...

Specialist Mod Released

News 28 comments

The Specialists mod has released. With some neat features added to the mod I was not prepared to see. Yes you will purchase weapons but the way its done...

Download Mirrors

News 4 comments

If your having a hard time getting The Specialists modification for Half Life, and you really want it, there is a list of mirrors of where you can get...

Testing Session Shots

News 2 comments

Just spoted this on their forum, some super shots from a testing session that took place no more then 24 hours ago. Some very super shots here, check...

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