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TSLCR is a companion restoration mod for TSL. Designed to work in tandem with TSLRP and M4-78RP, TSLCR greatly enhances your TSL experience. With over 3 hours of added content, consisting of cut dialog, voice overs, and professional voice acting, TSLCR provides the ultimate TSL experience. TSLCR is a project based on the source code of the abandoned "K2RP" project. It is a restoration mod being developed along side the M4-78RP, and will see a final Post-TSLRP release around the same time as M4-78. The goal of the project is to restore all of the content not restored by the TSLRP team, and the other RP mods.

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The Following is a comprehensive list of all content that is going to be restored by TSLCR.

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[R] - Restored
[RE] - Restored But Edited
[RM] - Restored But Moved
[NR] - Not To Be Restored
[PR] - Possible Restoration
[TBR - Member] - To Be Restored by Member

Ebon Hawk

[TBR - Zbyl2] Goto threatens Bao-Dur - If the PC knows that Goto is actually G0-T0, then Goto will threaten Bao-Dur that he better take care of the remote before he finds a permanent solution. Presumbly comes before Goto "repairs" the remote himself. Probably removed since the Goto/Remote destruction scene must be triggered and the player may not find out about Goto being a droid.

[R] Disciples Distress Call - Before traveling to Telos, Disciple calls Atris about the impending attack on Telos.
[R] Kreia isn't fond of droids either - After the player has witnessed the message from Bastila/Carth, Kreia, during an entry scene, will blast T3 with some force lightning in anger since the PC seemed to have a fondness for the droid.


[TBR - Zbyl2] Czerka takes control - Czerka was to completely take over the modules, threatening the Ithorian herd. The PC is supposed to get to the communications station and call for help since the TSF can't do anything else. Probably connected to Jana Lorsos lines about taking over Citadel Station due to Onderons succession from the Republic and because of that, Lorso lies to Citadel Station that the Telosian Council has entered an anti-Republic treaty with Onderon.

[RM] White/Black Corruption - Originally, Atris was supposed to be clad in black robes during the final sequences. As well as the corrupted Handmaidens. Cut since it'd be odd for Atris to conveniently have Sith Robes lying around.
[RM] Come, Last of the Handmaidens - The player was supposed to be the one to kill the Handmaidens and as a result, the Last attacks after killing Atris. Dark side option.

[PR] Bao-Durs return to Citadel Station - Bao-Dur was supposed to take the PC back to Citadel Station and then it'd be there that he'd track the Ebon Hawk to the polar ice cap instead of going through the Czerka base.

[R] Lt. Yimas Mission - Yima, the one Grenn always talks about, was supposed to give the PC a mission to expose a corrupt TSF officer in the Czerka docking bays. Probably connected to the alternate docking bays that can be seen.
[R] HK-50s congratulate the shooter - After the shuttle is shot down, the HK-50s tell the shooter of his excellent shot.
[R] Atris' Fall - If LS'ed when Kreia kills the Masters, then Kreia would fully corrupt Atris. And Atris would head to Malachor to take up the mantle of traya.
[R] Corrun Falts Plan - Infiltrating the main frame was not always an Ithorian quest. But the PC was supposed to learn from Corrun Falt that he had planned on exposing Lorsos dirty dealings himself, if PC had sided with Czerka. PC can help or expose Falt to Lorso. Exposing Falt to Lorso will result in Falt attacking the PC but then the Czerka guards kill him anyway.
[R] The Crash - Atton is supposed to say a few lines as the shuttle from Citadel Station plummets into the ground. And when the shuttle crashes again at the Ice Cap, Atton takes note that it wasn't his fault.
[R] Duro Thug - A random Duro thug simply attacks the PC for asking questions. Probably asking around about the blaster and then he just spawns in.
[R] An option to see Carth - PC had the option of denying Carth an audience after saving Telos.
[R] Kreia's Last Words - If Atris became Traya and left for Malachor, the player would encounter a dying Kreia in the Academy.

[NR] [ Atton and Bao-Dur take note of surrounding obstacles - Minefields, sentry droids, and mercenaries, Bao-Dur and Atton take note that all are present and that the PC needs to get around them.
[NR] Attack! - Player had the option of killing all the Handmaidens during the first visit to the Academy.


[TBR - Pikmin] Disciples Hidden Holocron - Disciple takes the Exile into a hidden, locked room in the Enclave and displays a holocron as well as recording of when the Exile left for the Mandalorian Wars, leaving a padawan without a master behind.

[R] Kreia taunts each master - During the Masters infamous speech about how they must cut the Exile off from the force, Kreia comes in as usual and throws them back. However, after she drains them, it's not over. Kreia was to ask each master how they could not have felt the echo and how close they were to giving up the Force but they failed. Kreia puts each of them in a crush, thus killing them.
[R] The Exile reads party members minds - When asked if he could not sense his party members thoughts, the party member with the Exile were supposed to have their mind read.
[R] A Bounty for Vrook - Originally, the player could capture Master Vrook and Azkul would send him to Nar Shaddaa.

[RE] Visas' involvement - Visas notices Kreia is evil. After Kreia goes attacks player or masters, Kreia asks her to take her to Nihilus.

Nar Shaddaa

[TBR - Pikmin] Magic Eight Ball - In the Jek'Jek Tarr, there was to be a Weequay who had an orb where you can ask questions.

[R] Threatening Goto - When stumbling upon the control center, the player threatens to use a certain skill to dismantle his vessel, however, Goto says that his droids will just turn off the oxygen.
[R] Time to abandon ship! - When the Bounty Hunters appear on Gotos vessel, Goto makes note of them and says it's time for him to take his leave. Also, HK-50s were supposed to be among the bounty hunters there. As well as more Zhug brothers.
[R] Fight Back to the Ship - After T3 returns with the codes from the warehouse the party was to fight back to the Tienn.
[R] Attons Lap Dance - Atton was supposed to receieve the Star Wars equivalent of a lap dance - a neck massage. Also, Atton is supposed to do sort of a confession of his "confused, stupid" love for the female Exile. During this scene, under the right circumstances, Atton instantly knows they are assassins from the clothes and concealed weapons.
[R] Bao-Durs old friend - Tien Tubb and Bao-Dur were once friends and important plot points are made.
[R] Zez-Kai Ell's Rescue - Since Dessicus was originally supposed to be in the JekJek Tarr (instead of Visquis) and he was supposed to set off an explosion. Zez-Kai Ell rescues the Exile from an explosive death, though the party still thinks the Exile is dead.
[R] Fassa is a Toydarian - Fassa was probably originally supposed to be Quello, the toydarian who greeted the Exile at the landing pad. And then at the docks, be the overseer instead of the twi'lek.
[R] Spa Treatment at the Jek'Jek Tarr - The twi'leks were supposed to be like the twi'lek slaves at Davik's estate and offer steam baths and massages.
[R] Mira's escape from the Jek'Jek Tarr - Instead of the Exile killing Visquis, it would be a party member and then Mira would lead them out of the Jek'Jek Tarr into her safehouse. Also, Mira was to be held in some cell in which she says that Visquis will execute her, and where the party member would rescue her.

Dessicus of the GenoHaradan - Obviously, the GenoHaradan would be the organization beneath the Jek'Jek Tarr. Dessicus will challenge the Exile. After they fight, Dessicus blows the Jek'Jek Tarr up.
[RE] Gotos Orders - Goto will command his droids not only to activate the mines but raise the force shield, poison them and deploy guard droids. And finally, Goto notices the bounty hunters on his ship and gives the self-destruct order.
[RE] Mira and the Exile plan things out - Mira, instead of knocking the player out, will explain Zez-Kai Ell early and have the Exile go in first instead of her stealing the environmental suit.
[RE] A Dead Exile - Dessicus (GenoHaradan) blows up the JekJek Tarr and the party thinks the player is dead. Visas or Kreia will say that the betrayals will start to mount between the Sith.

[NR] Environment suit stays on - The player would have the option to leave the environment suit on when speaking with Visquis. This exchange was moved to the arena to replace the GenoHaradan. Visquis later would be able to capture the Exile and order the Ubese to take him to Goto.


Controlling the beast - somewhere within the tomb of Freedon Nadd, a scene where the Sith is controlling a beast and onlookers wonder how it's possible.
[R] An Option to see Mandalore - Instead of player just killing the Mandalorians if he doesn't want to meet Mandalore, the PC has an option of leaving them alone.

[NR] Kreia goes to the tomb - Kreia was originally supposed to be allowed to join the party that goes to the tomb. Cut so that it'd make sense with the Tobin scene in the Onderon Royal Palace where Kreia reveals the Jedis hiding place.

Onderron - COMPLETE

[R] Kadrons Fall - If the player sides with Vaklu, then when the PC arrives in the room where Kadron is then he will defend the terminal with his life.
[R] Vaklus Entrance - If the player sides with Vaklu, then he should not have been waiting in the throne room but after the beast is dead, he arrives and runs to defeat Talia. Kavar rushes in to stop him. PC stops him. The options here are much more lenient to the light side in which the PC has the option of saying "Onderon would be better off".

Korriban - COMPLETE

Korriban Info - There were some additional lines between Kreia, Atton, Visas, and the Exile about the nature of Korriban.
[R] Party cannot enter - Before entering the tomb of Ludo Kressh, a party member chips in about not being able to move.
[R] Dustil Onasi - The dead Jedi in the tomb was supposed to be none other then Dustil Onasi. He was to be insane and then attack the PC.
[R] Doppleganger Fight - Revan was to have the dark clone of the exile fight you, prior to fighting Revan.

The Ravager

[TBR - Pikmin]
Destroy Citadel Station - The player could opt to send the Ravager crashing into CS, destroying it.

[R] Fragile Alliance Falls apart - After Sion discovers the Exile is truely dead, he confronts Darth Nihilus on the Ravager. Sion claims that he is more powerful and never needed Nihilus' help. Nihilus, in anger, shows Sion that he is the more powerful one.

Malachor V

[TBR - Pikmin] Hanharrs Sacrifice - Presumbly, if the player has Hanharr in the party and Malachor V is being destroyed, Hanharr would throw the player onto the Ebon Hawk. Hanharr would then die with Malachor V.

[R] A powerful crystal - When entering one of the cells, the player can find a crystal of a dead Jedi.
[R] Darth Traya is Atris - Instead of Kreia being at the core, it'd be Atris in her dark robes.
[R] Mandalore and Visas walk on the face of the moon. The final fate of Canderous?

[NR] Hanharr and Mira - Hanharr was to slam Mira into the rock wall before their fight.

Unknown Areas

[TBR - Restored in Bao-Dur's Sacrifice Mod/TSLCR]
Bao-Durs Sacrifice - In the released audio demo, one of Bao-Durs lines is "Make my sacrifice matter". Presumbly, Bao-Dur dies at some point near the end-game.


The "make my sacrafice matter" is in the HK Factory I don't know if this is true because I read it somewhere.

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