Step in to the shoes of an illegitimate bounty hunter named Eric, now living in Deport City, who is hired by his old friend, employer and mentor Howard to look for his son Benjamin.

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prenz says

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There's not puzzles, but a story. The voice acting it's fantastic, but's needed a subbing, of course. Not all the peolple can understand the spoken english.
Some glitches, as the invisible table, but the game is very good. Good scares, but not invasive or frustrating.
8/10: very good!


AMTeam says

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NON SPOILER REVIEW: With over 2.5 hours of content The Search is one of my favorite SOMA mods: amazing outdoor environments, voice acting and story but do expect the odd frustrating 'kind the keycard' puzzles. A must play for fans of stories in mods.

I can say that so far this is one of my personal favorite SOMA mods. The mod can be drop-dead gorgeous at times with one scene in particular making my jaw drop in pure awe. It isn't photo-realistic (some of the textures are blurry and areas can be sparsely populated) but like a surrealist painting you can appreciate it for what it is. My biggest complaint for this mod in terms of graphics is the overly simplistic lighting that could bring the mod up to the graphical heights of the scene.

The gameplay is a bit cliche however: while the physics puzzles were nice to figure out there is a lot of 'find the keycard' and 'find the set of keys' puzzles in here making for a mildly frustrating experience. One puzzle in particular I really disliked was the security robot one, it was so difficult to figure out that I had to brute force my way out of it.

The story is really interesting with sides to be taken and side-plots to discover. The search for Benjamin brings you to the city streets, factories, kindergardens and the sides of skyscrapers. This mod has the most varied and intriguing plot in the scene right now.

VA is by far the best in the modding scene. Characters, for the most part, are played naturally by their actors with high quality recordings to add better immersion. Really great to hear better voices in mods.

Overall a must play, without a doubt. With over 2.5 hours of content this mod is packed with story, environmental design and a bit of good gameplay. If you don't enjoy the gameplay, there is always the story to get engrossed in.


Sabatu says

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Again amating mod. I alway loved when someone také stuff wich are for certain type of map / Underwater base/ and made something different.. As you did here with Factory and City.. Story is great.. VoiceActing, No need word.. I know Iam not good in mods :D but I can say I can make Good maps.. so In your new mod.. Your map skills are pretty good. But It can be even better :D OverAll ReallyGood mod for SOMA


Puppeteer123 says

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10/10 would play again


TiManGames says

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