The Sands of Time

It's a Total Conversion where Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III will be converted into a Dune II with new features and much more tweaks and additional features. Some changes to the game will also be implemented, so that it will never be just a remake, but an almost total renewal to the game, creating an entirely new gaming experience for Dune fans.

The game's campaign and mission stays the same as of Dune II and the statistics of the default Dune II units as well. The campaigns will be single-player of course, and in lieu of FMV's like in Dune 2000, natural Warcraft III cinematics will be made instead.

Along with that, new units and structures (not much, but an estimated dozen of them, to enhance gameplay), and if I have the right motivation, a Bonus Campaign for each house will be created (Single-Player as well). The bonus campaign will take you to the homeworlds of each House in TSoT and to stop the other houses from invading your homeland.

New superweapons and abilities will be added to specific units and structures/houses. The mod is a free-to-play mod so you can download it and have fun with your friends.

We are currently recruiting 3D modelers and other people who wish to contribute for this project. Modeling will begin in 2009, so don't worry.

Although Dune 2000 unit models and renders will be used in this mod, because of the greater detail and characteristics they possess. The Dune II SFX is quite boring to hear, so more advanced SFX will be implemented. Sources of SFX will be Red Alert 2, Starcraft and other games.

Dune II is quite an old game and only a handful of people today are playing Dune II. Westwood never made a Dune game for the last 7 years, since Emperor. It is our job to create, visualize and make this mod a reality.

I myself have been having doubts for a full-scale TSoT. After realizing that Project Revolution had their own problem w/ units, I learned the same lesson (PR is a Warcraft 3 TC, as TSoT is also a Wc3 TC). But I've got some plans in mind as well.

I will release the demo of TSoT as a demo map with terrain based on one of the Dune 2k maps, and this map will contain ALL of the custom data/textures and models of TSoT, so expect a big filesize over 12 Megs or even bigger. Then I'll take a person/programmer to 'patch' or to create a self-executing MPQ so that the models, textures or custom data can be used for other maps. For now I will create the textures and 2d graphics independently and test them in separate Wc3 maps to ensure that the textures work properly.

If you want to be a member of Modcraft 3D and to contribute for TSoT, then step right this way!

Also check out my blog:
Jon Adrian's Modding Hub (my website, where topics about my mods and maps are posted and the place to go if you're modding)

Thanks for reading this!

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The Sands of Time Mod


Last year, 2007, I've been working on a mod that turns Warcraft III into Dune II. In September 2007, I created Dune: The Ultimate Rebellion, a single map with custom models that aren't Dune-related but are basically Red Alert I models, and started as a forum topic on FED2K. I made the terrain and UI. But after a month I changed my mind because that one map isn't enough, I mean, it's not really enough to pack the mod into one dense map with same terrain, kinda boring, isn't it?

 On December 2007, I planned to turn DTUR into a full scale mod, and renamed it The Sands of Time (TSoT). It is a Total Conversion of Warcraft III into Dune II. But it's not just your average total conversion mod, here are some things to know about this mod:

- New units/buildings will be added, a Bonus Campaign will be added plus a variety of features and changes to totally change Dune II.

Dune II is a good game. But the game had a low quality because of when it was made, at a time where 3D graphics wasn't flourishing yet. Now It'll be made anew with this modification.

Currently our team, Modcraft 3D, has 2 members. Me and a fellow tester for the mod. I will be doing the User Interface, Object Data, Terrain and etc. Our biggest problem right now, lack of 3D modellers and animators. Without models, I could not make the object data for the game, and terraining will be impossible because of the lack of doodads.

 If you are interested in becoming a modeller for TSoT, email me.

Then, afterwards, the mod will become a boon to Dune players out there. Many people liked this mod, and can't wait to play it. The development time is still unknown, and as a rule, it depends on how fast we work on the mod.

There's a website for the mod, but it's not done yet. It's a freewebs website. For now, you can pay a visit to my blog at from Blogger. It contains modding-related topics, TSoT topics and much more about my friends and my personal topics.


dead!! cowards die in shame

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i think jian is dead no offense

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alot maybe but its dead!

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way to steal the title of a video game.

by the way, what does it have to do with time?

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1 year since last update? did u just stop or has this been done fora while?

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Well this is my msn id: If you are using yahoo messanger than add me as : I would be happy to help any dune project if needed.

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jonadrian619 Creator

Sure you can become a concept artist for TSoT, it would help to make this mod popular I think, in some Wc3 modsites I work for. Anyways I've got 2 modelers but I convinced them to take a break b4 the big work begins. I'll be using different sounds for this mod.

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The Dune universe is forever my favorite. But i think using the old dune models ain't gonna help alot. If you need a concept artist i can help you with alot of pleassure. Warcraftish dune sounds wonderfull but again old means boring. At least thats the way i see it.

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Sounds cool :)

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