The Rise of Rome is a unique mod for Hearts of Iron IV which primarily focusses on historical accuracy rather than fiction. The year is 250 BC. Vast empires all across the globe are attempting to expand their power. In Europe the rise of the Roman Republic has caused tensions in the Mediterranian region. The Middle East is being dominated by 2 major powers which lived peacefully beside eachother for decades. How long will it last? In Eastern Asia dynasties make up the political landscape and divide the region into small states. Who will be the victor of this power struggle? Some of the playable superpowers are: - The Roman Republic - Carthage - Macedonia - The Seleucid Empire - The Maurya Empire (India) - The Ptolemaic Kingdom (Egypt) - And a lot more nations The mod is under continuous development and is regularly being updated. Link to Discord Channel: https:<removethispart>//

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