This is an unofficial patch for The Precursors from Deep Shadows. It is publisher approved and works with the Russian retail release, the online distributed Russian versions from or and also the English releases available from GamersGate and Beamdog. The patch is a cumulative release and includes all earlier versions!

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v1.8 11.02.2014
Fixed dialogue issues of Leemin and Grayson, thanks to Danko Simons.
Made Kasterley in the BBK mediate with Free Traders multiple times.
Set weight of all undroppable quest items to 0.01 to avoid problems.

v1.7 15.05.2013
Added link to moddb page and continued improving translation issues.
Improved all cutscene voice-overs, see credits below the changelog.
Included removal of film grain noise effect into flicker fix option.
Fixed Grayson's quest removing wrong inventory item after delivery.

v1.6 12.07.2012
Fixed mission-order issues for Doctor Amon and intelligence officer.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Restored missing title for Doctor Amon's weapons experiment mission.

v1.5 28.08.2011
Removed double line about Dust package and Clatz cell key after use.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Added zoom and range indicators to binoculars, thanks to The Silver.
Fixed directions to the mediator on Reandore and some NPC factions.
Increased cost of the BBK mediators and made Kasterly a Free Trader.
Hopefully fixed possible cutscene crashes by including sndlist.dat.
Included HUD improvements and missing icons, thanks Shepard_the_3rd.

v1.4 18.04.2011
Changed inventory and trade screens to show more, thanks to badmofo.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Swapped green spaceship engine trail with unused but better red one.
Fixed Misa not accepting fuel and Ramall's missions end and double.

v1.3 07.02.2011
Included English cutscene voice-overs, thanks jorgamesh and badmofo.
Corrected BBK drinker, Darkon race organizer and Norman quest bugs.
Added postprocess folder to avoid ATI flickering, thanks sq_paradox.
Fixed merchants window bugs and some space engineers not repairing.
Removed 5th ship engine and added flashlight, binoculars, smartlink.
Swapped HUD drug and medicine addictions and fixed perk conditions.
Fixed cargo merchants exploit and unlocked belongings box at prison.
Added infos for undefinable controls and created installer version.
Corrected loading and menu videos that slowed loading and menu down.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Fixed Ridinger bandit faction change and improved the BBK mediators.
Merged with 1.1 patch and enhanced the phrasing, thanks to badmofo.
Changed Soothsayer quest line and fixed damaged ship mission issues.
Restored some unused music pieces when in space, thanks to player1.

v1.2 21.12.2010
Added faction status changes for Bush, Skeleton, Shaman and Ridiger.
Fixed more details and inconsistencies and a few generic NPC names.
Turned Kasterley, Scrubby and representatives at BBK into mediators.
Changed warden lines to give info on box with your stuff at prison.

v1.1 30.07.2010
Fixed many details and inconsistencies, and added item descriptions.
Corrected transactions with Perk, ice collector and race organizer.
Changed Kasterley missing quest line and vehicle menu to roll/slide.

v1.0 04.06.2010
All in game text translated to 100%, thanks for the help to badmofo.
Added several game engine cutscene transcripts to the patch readme.

v0.7 05.05.2010
Added subtitles for intro video, thanks for the translation to Metz.
Fixed broken weapons and redid strings to 100% and dialogues to 1%.

v0.6 31.03.2010
Fixed many small details and names and did 7% of the dialog strings.

v0.5 03.03.2010
Created English loading and menu screens by using logos from videos.
Translated all string categories to 100% and the dialogues to 0.1%.
Created Precursors icon by using graphics from the official webpage.

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