This mod will be redone!

I got a massive amount of negative reviews.
But my goal is it to make the player happy.
I removed the downloads files.

Sorry for this

I take more time to develop the mod.
I cant promise that but i hope it.

Greets TheScratchOfLP

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Good news people. I finished with the first Place "THE VILLAGE". It contains 7 maps.

I will start now with THE MANSION.
It will be very huge, scary(i hope) and contains some puzzles.

I thought about an outside area to explore. In front of you, you can see a huge mansion (castle or mansionbase i dont know what i should use.) That will be much work. (maybe its not very big when im too lazy, im not very good in outside maps). How I said the mansion will be big. (Castlebase, Mansionbase and Cellar are planed).

Please write in the comments how i can easiely scare you (no lame jumpscares). This will help me much.

Thanks to all who track this mod.


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Moveable/Grabable Candlestick

Moveable/Grabable Candlestick

Prop Model 12 comments

Installation: Put the folder to: C:/.../Steam/SteamApps/common/Amnesia the Dark Descent/entities That other people who download your custom story can...

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