In Forum City, the Internet is serious business. As its name implies, the city is the physical embodiment of Internet forums and bulletin boards. It's more like The Matrix or Tron than Second Life, however, as the troubles of the city are no laughing matter. Embracing the style of Deus Ex, Forum City has as much crime and conspiracy as the world of JC Denton — but most citizens would have it no other way.

The lust for power seems to come easily to those who call the city their home; everywhere there are factions scheming to increase their reach, or even wrest control of the city itself. Were it not for a peacekeeping triumvirate of invulnerable Moderators the city would quickly plunge into chaos.

This has been the way of things for as long as most care to remember.

But now, the balance of power has been upset. Unthinkably, a Moderator has disappeared, and panic is gripping the city. With the remaining Moderators spread far too thin, the lawless have found themselves with the freedom to prey upon others, and formerly suppressed rivalries threaten to explode into open conflict.

You are called upon to silence the discord.

Throughout the course of the game, you take on the avatar of Trestkon, a former intelligence agent whose reasons for leaving the city are mysterious, at best. Negotiating for his return was an act of desperation, but having known him personally, the remaining Moderators trust that he can find their missing colleague before it is too late.

Two years can change a man, however, and Trestkon's loyalty is not set in stone. Now imbued with legal authority, he could tip the balance of power in virtually anyone's favour, and the multitude of factions are well aware. Corrupt corporations, religious fanatics, cyber-terrorists, and even deadly computer programs will stop at nothing to gain Trestkon's allegiance.

Your task is simple: Save the world. The rest is up to you.


  • An imaginative new setting unlike any game you've played before (yet very familiar to any netizen).
  • 59 levels of gameplay plus a new training mission, 6 intro and endgame cinematics, and two secret bonus maps!
  • 20 original new weapons, many of which are unique and may only be acquired once through the game.
  • Several unique pre-modded versions of original Deus Ex weaponry to be stolen from particular characters upon defeating them.
  • The ability to fight with your bare hands, or to make use of several different gloves to augment your furious blows.
  • A weapon shop where you can buy original DX weapons, equipment, and ammunition.
  • Hundreds of emails, books, newspapers, notepads, and datacubes.
  • Multipage info-devices allow for many pages per book or datacube for the really inquisitive player.
  • Over 100 entirely new character skins and many more combinations of old skins!
  • Actual nanoaugmented enemies. You can view their augmentations with the Targetting aug and disable them with EMP attacks.
  • More customization: Choose between two different character models, 5 different faces for each, and eyewear!
  • A ton of new decorations and items.
  • Two parallel story arcs, that branch early in the game, and plenty of side-missions.
  • An almost ridiculously responsive story with a detailed denouement at the end.
  • Choice and consequence: Major characters will remember if you knock them out.
  • A script of 200,000 words of dialogue, monologue, infolink messages, and AI barks.
  • More than 13,000 fully recorded lines of very high quality.
  • Eye-pleasing graphical detail with HDTP support!
  • New high-quality ogg music for every level (over 100 tracks!).
  • A myriad of secrets, easter eggs, and little details to encourage replaying.
  • Goals will be updated as you progress through the missions.
  • Greater implementation of difficulty levels: Enemies and pickups will depend on your chosen difficulty.

TNM 2.0 Update Planned Features:

  • Updated levels, with additional Deus Ex type gameplay such as alternate paths, enemy placement, and solutions to obstacles in mind. For instance enemies that simply wander the area, which can be frustrating for stealth players, are being removed in favor of enemies that follow patrol paths, sit and appear to be interacting with their world such as watching monitors, TVs, or otherwise relaxing, etc. The difficulty filter system mentioned previously has been improved, allowing for more use of such enemies without strange artifacting (such as mysterious shadows of enemies that would only appear on Realistic difficulty).
  • Updated visual appeal of most levels that needed an improvement.
  • Additional story content, in the form of text to expand the world for a player that is interested.
  • New side missions, that will come in the form of secret levels that can be found in similar fashion of classic games such as Quake 2. A player with a knack for exploration could unearth an entirely new level to explore!
  • But wait, there's more... additional story content in terms of side quests integrated into the main world as well. Such as the long awaited King's Tower Hotel, along with a few secret projects Mr. King has underway.
  • Modernization features such as update to the configuration of the renderer.
  • UI Scaling for larger monitors.
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Forumites! Come one, come all!

We have released the first patch for the TNM 2.0 Update! Let me get this out of the way, THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE 2.0 PRODUCT. As I mentioned in the Roadmap post, we are releasing this patch first as a showcase that we are indeed committed to the project. You will experience some stark differences between Mission 20 and 22 at this point. Especially between the transition from the Slums to the DXI Caverns since the elevator has been completely remade. If you do NOT want to experience some jarring experiences like that you are welcome to wait until the full TNM 2.0 patches are all completed. If you want to jump in and get a taste of the 2.0 experience, please go download it today! We are very confident in the content created so far, but if you notice anything out of the ordinary or broken please reach out to us directly. You can do this through the OTP forum, the discord, our Facebook page, or if you prefer a message on any of these platforms will do as well.

It has been just shy of half a year of development of Mission 20, and I'm very proud to say it is finally ready to go. We all have a never ending passion for Deus Ex as it was, and any mods from the golden era of the DX Community. Come and experience a freshly updated view into the past!

TNM 2.0 Roadmap

TNM 2.0 Roadmap

News 12 comments

The layout of the plan necessary to pull off the multi-patch system that is currently being developed, and that will constitute the TNM 2.0 update.

Mod Appreciation Week: My Favourite Mods Of All Time

Mod Appreciation Week: My Favourite Mods Of All Time

Feature 20 comments

ModDB’s Editor recalls the mods that were responsible for some of his best gaming moments

1.0.5 files removed, proper patch in progress

1.0.5 files removed, proper patch in progress

News 4 comments

The work-in-progress 1.0.5 files previously uploaded have been removed as they were buggier than expected. A proper update with further changes is in...

Expeditions: Conquistador on Kickstarter

Expeditions: Conquistador on Kickstarter

News 3 comments

New tactical, party-based roleplaying game launched on Kickstarter by Logic Artists - the team includes three of the developers of The Nameless Mod for...

RSS Files
The Nameless Mod: 2.0 - Mission 21 Update

The Nameless Mod: 2.0 - Mission 21 Update

Demo 11 comments

The Nameless Mod Mission 21 update is the second of multiple patches to update Classic TNM to version 2.0. Note this is the second file of the TNM Mission...

The Nameless Mod: 2.0 - Mission 20 Update

The Nameless Mod: 2.0 - Mission 20 Update

Demo 18 comments

The Nameless Mod Mission 20 stand alone update is the first of three patches to change Classic TNM to the TNM version 2.0. This patch is designed to update...

TNM 1.0.4 PLUS Patch

TNM 1.0.4 PLUS Patch

Patch 8 comments

This patch requires TNM to already be updated to version 1.0.4, and is an extra, mostly fan-created patch for TNM that fixes all known remaining bugs.

The Nameless Mod 1.0.4 SDK

The Nameless Mod 1.0.4 SDK

SDK 11 comments

The TNM SDK contains the version 1.0.4 development files of The Nameless Mod. It contains all our uncompiled code, including NVShacker's native stuff...

TNM 1.0.4 Patch

TNM 1.0.4 Patch

Patch 10 comments

The final patch for TNM, version 1.0.4 contains over approximately 30 bug fixes over the 1.0.3 version and more than 500 fixes since the first release...

TNM Bonus Material

TNM Bonus Material

Other 5 comments

A ZIP file stuffed full of TNM memorabilia like a Thanksgiving turkey. Included is concept art, trailers, outtakes, design documents, pictures and other...

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How can you get TNM ro tun properly on Win 10 ?

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ZeroPresence Creator

I run DX and TNM right out of the box without issue on Windows 10, Steam or GOG version?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

After finishing TNM I decided to have another go at the much maligned DX Invisible War. Playing it got me to wondering, does anyone know if there was ever attempted a "de-master" of this game as a DX1 mod? These really small levels suck after playing the expansive ones in TNM and in the original DX of course. I just thought the game as a whole could have been so much better if they had stuck to the old Unreal engine. Missed the skills progression of the original too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZeroPresence Creator

Yeah it was attempted pretty much right after DX2 was released. The whole thing kind of fell apart because I think the team members fell apart. Not really because they couldn't work together, but they just grew apart and stopped working on the mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

WOW! ZP himself! :0
Thanks for the info ZP. ;)
I never knew it was even started so this is news! I would never, ever ask you TNM guys, you have done enough, more than enough even with TNM and helping out in other DX mods too over the years. Maybe a project for new DX modders one day maybe? DX IW has been a sore, a boil on the legacy of DX. I just wish I had the know how to finally "lance that boil" and make DX IW the game it should have always been. Anyway ZP, to you I say thank you for your great work in TNM. As much as the original DX deserves a place in gaming history, so does TNM!

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Just started a playthrough after a long number of years. Had a wee bit of bother getting it to run, I am using the 1.0.4 with fixes version, but all is well. This is just as good as I remember it. Really looking forward to the 2.0 version!

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About 10 hours in and half way through the game I gave up. It definitely needs severe touching up in a few areas, but the core gameplay is all there. I'll list the positives and negatives below.

Overall I give it 6/10 and in it's present state I can't recommend it to Deus Ex fans or to newcomers especially.

/ The voice acting is decent for what I can assume are volunteers
/ The lore and world building is quite good
/ The weapon store is implemented very well
/ The maps are fun to explore but can be quite large
/ The characters are quite colourful and uniquely designed
(Unfortunately most sound deadpan or uninspired, the bouncer at Sol's was the
only one I could genuinely remember being interesting - whoever voiced her did
a stellar job)
(The MC's voice is one of the more lackluster which is very unfortunate).
/ The soundtrack is very fitting, the stereos were a nice touch!

/ The story, I have to say, is absolutely abhorrent and there's simply way too much going on.
DXO? PDX? WorldCorp? Llamas? Goats? There are too many things, places and people to keep track of that hinder the enjoyment and pacing of the mod. I found myself being hurled data after data in conversation and reading notepads that serve no real purpose other than being jokes or useless information. The style of game is all over the place. First it's a serious missing-persons case. Then it's to do with lighthearted cult antics. Then it's in a trans-dimensional voodoo shop. Choose your overall theme and stick with it. I'd say it's about 20-80 ratio of relevance to fat. Currently it plays like poorly written cobbled together fan fiction.

/ The maps are too vast and backtracking is a pain
There is so much wasted space taking up this mod and you'll find yourself running back and forth to accomplish goals or navigate your way through the levels. Much like the story, this could easily be trimmed down to negate the hassle. I literally had to install the speed augment to make it bearable. More is not always better.

/ Lack of player agency in approaching situations
Whose bright idea was it to lock THAT MANY doors behind passwords and inf./inf.? This literally takes all of the power from the player and is rarely seen in the original Deus Ex for a good reason. Also, why is there usually only one approach for the player in a given scenario? The beauty of this game is that it's NOT linear. Give the player OPTIONS in tackling environments instead of having them run from corridor A to B to C. The sewer entrances are a good example of choice but even that turns into a nightmare at WorldCorp's entrance. It makes me think that your idea of non-linear is to make everything as complicated as possible. As soon as you hit WorldCorp sewers my interest was lost and it turned sour.

/ The new 'weapons' are gimmicky and hinder rather than add.
Sporks? Foons? What the **** is this? Do you want your world to be taken seriously or as a joke? I understand that it's a forum filled with colourful characters but this severely takes away from the immersion. The phatray? The blowgun? The 3500 credit katana that is worse than the dragons tooth? Come on. The only saving grace was the landmines, Trestkon's pistols and the EMP gun which were quite intriguing.

/ One of the missions literally gives you nauseating screenshake until you work your way through the level and solve the puzzle under its effects. This was half way through the game and I didn't play past this for good reason.
Remove that **** now. All of it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes

You know, since the TNM fanbase is still growing - I doubt that anyone needs your recommendations, really. :-) No offense.
It's just not for you, apparently.

P.S.: though I can't help it but react to that part of your comment about (supposed) "Lack of player agency in approaching situations". It goes like this: Whaaaaaaaat......

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I like the ambition and meta stuff so far, but there's simply an overload of information beginning from the training level (1-2 minutes to instruct player about every single new change for example). In the first hour of playing every single character you encounter has at least 5 minutes of stories to tell each, you come across 100s of pages of books to read and you have no way of knowing which of the information actually matters in the long run or is +95% of it simply to deepen the world & experience (I would guess so and there's always the missions & notes window for the core info you need to proceed).

This is not an review yet by any means, just my first impressions.

Edit: No, just can't do it, need to give it another chance some other time. I got into another one of big corporation buildings to complete some missions and after wandering there for hours on different ocassions it once again said "there's nothing relevant to your mission here but ok take a look". This seemed to be the case for 99% of information you encounter during gameplay.

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The best mod I have ever played, hands down.

Dec 12 2010 by coosa7

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