Many core changes have been made!
2.01 adds many needed changes and fixes!
2.015 decreased the RKO
2.020 useful additions


This mod is meant to be played in the editor

Unreal Tournament Kill Sounds - Mod DB

MLG MOD 2.0 - Mod DB

if you do save, be sure to enable uninstall mode in to remove the tags by setting if rand 0.0 to 1.0.

delete the old mod before you download the new version.

3.0 (3/20)


added skeleton that I forgot to add.

added minimap additions

added wounded state, when the unit dies, he/she is unable to move, think of it like call of duty.

other changes.

let me know if this fixes the immortality bug or not.


friendly fire-

fixed the bug that when you have an attack modifier, you can friendly fire your allies without killing them on the predefined friendly fire limit set in main_menu.

changed sound range of MB to be louder.


readded sandbags for the fortification_spawner

made fortifications spawned by it unable to automatically be jumped over if "ai_jump" is enabled. This way, it can properly be used as cover.


added options for disabling cannons and mounted machine guns, tanks, planes, or vehicles all together to allow for a infantry vs infantry based fight.

disabled exclamation by default to prevent lag, as when two damage_reports are displaying at once on the same entity, lag will happen.

revival script-

support for the following animations have been added:



these animations will play if you have them in your human_anm.ext file from Dark Sintera and Half Life.

otherwise you'll just get the default lie_sleep_idle animations.


added a new group called the "Demolition" squad, these guys have a ton of heavy weapons!

added the option to disable spawning infantry in wedge formation for indoor battles.

added sturmovik4,5,6,4b,5b,6b.


decreased the amount of times RKO spawns.



Fixed bullet quant crash from betterplanes by giving a tag to the plane mgun ammo, making it not get recognized by {with_effector} in the bullet_hit proccess in by adding the nohit tag to it in

added plane map icon through interface/scene/minimap/minimap.set and its ebm and tga file.

changed planes from airbornez to airborne to reallow takeoff and landing and spawning in singleplayer skirmish properly, go into properties/airborne.ext and switch {props "airborne"} to {props "airbornez"} to reenable plane vs plane battles.

plane behavior inspection: it seems planes only attack and change directions when infantry are fighting below them, also they only move if all the other enemy planes are destroyed for some reason thats if its {props "airborne"} in human.ext, if its {props "airbornez"} then they will attack and move regardless but wont be able to takeoff/land/change altitude.


fixed immortality, still testing to see if it has really been fixed.

fixed smoke grenades.

added ammo that makes light using buzztron's ammo light code.

readded weapon drop sounds inspired by Buzztron. Forgot to add that from the early changes.

added stuff drop sounds for steel items.

readded bumping into units displaying their rank and name, I forgot that I had commented it out by accident. de-de-de

lowered the frequency of the "last_shot" script that makes units fire fake bullets when they die from 0.9 to 0.025 as it was getting annoying.

added the option of turning on/off fake bullet damage.


added gray bottom portion of sanics shoes

fixed RKO from choking the opponent to death forever.

changed freezing when dodging grenade to "squat_hide" for immersion. earlier version was a cheap edit....

weapon jamming-

added two similiar vanilla standing animations for fixing the jam

somewhat simplified weapon jamming code a little.

friendly fire-

friendly fire now turns the radio music off when the person is killed by friendly fire, still trying to figure out how to get ai to do friendly fire versus just the user.


Code/2d entities free to use with/without credit

however if your going to use the models under the credit list, you should credit the authors.
gas masks - WW2 China Battlefield Team
skeleton - Glit

Added alot of stuff over the span of 1 year,

A menu in for you to turn things on/off

Attack/Defence Parameters of Unit Stats, M2TW STYLE

Attack is alot more effective than Defence, the more attack you have, the more damage your opponent receives
and the more chances of their defence breaking after you shoot/melee them.

Bronze Attack : 2x Original Attack Value, Increased Shield Break Chance
Silver Attack : 4x Original Attack Value, Increased Shield Break Chance
Gold Attack : 6x Original Attack Value, Increased Shield Break Chance

add the tag d to a unit and they will get defence
add r to promote the rank of the unit
add a to increase the attack of a unit
add m to make the unit a "medic"

Radio Now Works like a MUSIC JUKEBOX.

Bronze Shield : Blocks 2x incoming attacks
Silver Shield : Blocks 4x incoming attacks
Gold Shield : Blocks 6x incoming attacks

unit ranking system.
Kill Counts
Unit Names based on extension in humanskin folder ex. humanskin\jap_smg\ will give the "Empire Of Japan" first and last names ingame from the code in
fixed some lag, those loops are too STRONK.

RINGS FROM SONIC THE HEDGEHOG search for ringentity in the editor
HD RINGS OF IT TOO search for hdringentity in the editor
POWERUP BOXES search for powerupentity in the editor

You receive 1 life when you collect 100 HD rings or original rings, when you die, that 1 life is removed and your unit will be alive until it dies again, just like the sonic games.

poison gas that works like battle of empires but more immersive with damage being done to gas masks, exposing the user to the gas zone if the gas mask is torn or is taken off in melee.

for the melee system, comment out these lines in resource/properties/human_anm.ext

to prevent units from playing the get hit animation each melee hit, it stops the defender from counter attacking which just isn't immersive.

;{sequence "stand_after_straight_hit"}
;{sequence "stand_after_hit" {speed 0.85} {dynamicSpeed {10 11 0.09}}}
;{sequence "stand_after_hit_1" {speed 0.85} {dynamicSpeed {10 11 0.09}}}
;{sequence "stand_after_body-hit" {dynamicSpeed {9 10 0.12}}}
;{sequence "Step_back_after_hit" {movement}}
;{sequence "Step_back_after_hit_1" {movement}}
;{sequence "Step_back_after_body-hit" {movement} {dynamicSpeed {34 35 0.15}}}
;{sequence "Step_back_after_body-hit_1" {movement} {dynamicSpeed {34 35 0.15}}}

removed lie grenade animation since it destroyed the immersion of indoor map fighting. So now when ai dodge a grenade, they will just move out the way, and thats it, no more diving through walls like that blue guy from X-Men 2.

Preffering everyone to use text editors that organize code such as Pspad and Notepad++, otherwise the text will be a mess.

To turn on/off MLG mode, go to set/interaction_entity/

and set it from

{if rand 0.0 {tags add "MLG_MODE"}}
{if rand 1.0 {tags add "MLG_MODE"}}

Install just like the other mods

search in the editor's human equipment menu for radiousa, you will see radios for the faction and player. equip it to your troop and he/she will use that during battle far away, but up close will switch to their gun instead. however the radio will still function when not equipped.

The Radio will spawn the faction's troops randomly

search for spawn_prob in to change how often units are spawned

The Radio's Inv ammo uses the light tag so they are at the bottom of the list of preferred weapon ammo in ammo.set

sometimes the radio will call paradrop ammo for your troops

Infantry Statistics - Mod DB

edit the radio for your custom faction by searching for ;custom_faction in ,
change whats said by using CTRL + H and rename, and what troops are spawned for that radio

single song: change the db gain to 15 which is under [mute][solo]
then to make a radio effect on sound, goto latest version of audacity-effects-equalization--> select curve which is at the bottom ->walkietalkie
then click on file, and select export as wav or mp3 then follow the instructions on the bottom.
multiple songs: select all, effect -> equalization -> curve - > walkie talkie, then select effect -> amplify -> 15 db value -> file -> export multiple -> OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKKOKOK.

----------------Last Instructions-----------------------------------
converting to a hearable format that works with the gem engine: (VS hearing silence)
goldwave: file -> batch proccessing -> *Drag your music files into the box* -> Convert Tab -> saveastype(wave) -> attributes(PCM signed 16 bit, mono) ->rate(5500) for lowering size -> begin!
Test it ingame!

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MLG mod 3.05 for 3.260.0 (BUGFIX)

MLG mod 3.05 for 3.260.0 (BUGFIX)

Full Version 3 comments

Fixes Bullet Quant Crash by editing replacing {with_effector} with {if effector {with_effector}} inside, and human.def crash(hopefully) Nothing...

MLG mod 3.05 for 3.260.0 (3/20)

MLG mod 3.05 for 3.260.0 (3/20)

Full Version 9 comments

Read the read me below! Many core changes have been made! 2.01 adds many needed changes and fixes! 2.015 decreased the RKO 2.020 useful additions 3.0...


This problem never happened to me before, and as soon as it happened... IT DIDN'T STOP I KEEP DOWNLOADING IT OVER AND OVER AND STILL NOTHING AAAAAAAAA

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

please help me ;-;

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

oh and btw its just the betterplanes mod i don't use mlg mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

l0l fixed it i moved all the define above line 98, hope this fixes it for you guys too because idk if i'm the only one having this problem

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I really like this mod but can't play it anymore because of the human.def crash RIP :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Morpheus__ Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sundiata I got the same error message in the editor:

Program will be terminated.

EIP=006eae3f [main_loop]
EAX=0f57e600 EBX=214df690 ECX=0f57e600 EDX=42c075ba
ESI=006e13b8 EDI=0691f224 ESP=0691f21c EBP=0691f23c
> file "/entity/humanskin/human/human.def"

64: }�
65: }

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Editor - v3.260.0 - editor
2016.09.16 22:40 - 0x00C5DD84

But what do I exactly paste in the game log folder, to debug this error?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Morpheus__ Creator

Finally created the mod page, will update it sometime.

Let me know of any bugs or crashes.

current bugs: paratrooper spawning in skirmish causes a crash. Quant::Bullet crash when blast happens on some type of entity, still trying to figure out which entity is the culprit.

Reply Good karma+5 votes
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