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[NOT FIXED] No Text in Multiplayer (R6 HUD) (Games : Star Wars Battlefront II : Mods : Mass Effect: Unification : Forum : Bug Reports : [NOT FIXED] No Text in Multiplayer (R6 HUD)) Locked
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Dec 4 2015 Anchor


When playing in multiplayer, no text is shown at all, not in the after-battles score screen, not in the player list, not in the chat bar as we're typing, not even our tags above our characters we play as. However the text does show in the bottom right with the kills as they happpen.


Windows 8.1, Windows 7




  1. Launch the game
  2. Go to CREATE in multiplayer
  3. Load any map
  4. Attempt to use ingame chat
  5. Attempt to bring up player list
  6. End the match
  7. Attempt to look at the scores of player and various bots


Nothing shows up as you're typing, but when you hit enter it appears, no text of any kind shows


They all should show up, but they don't. It's playable but incredibly annoying. Here is a video I recorded of it and the various problems there are. Here is a video of the same build of Mass Effect: Unification that was taken in Singleplayer the day before, and everything works fine

Marth8880 Project Leader
Dec 5 2015 Anchor

Thanks for your report.

We haven't done any multiplayer testing in R6 yet, so this is certainly interesting to say the least, haha

Dec 5 2015 Anchor

I just realized I linked you the wrong video on MediaFire.


This is the correct video showing the problems on a Windows 7 hosted server. However upon further investigating when Earth: Pioneer Trails crashed, I hosted a game with Windows 8.1, and this time everything worked correctly, as seen in the video here. Yes, it is the correct link, I double checked.

In Windows 8.1, Pioneer Trails worked correctly, and did not crash on loading as it did in Windows 7. Text worked perfectly, with a few minor glitches, such as

  • The default positions for the reinforcement counts remain in addition to the newly placed ones (However, in singleplayer, as seen in the youtube link in the above post, this was not an issue)
  • The announcements, such as "Heretic Geth have taken the hill", player chat, and player joining announcements remain in the default top left as well as showing up in the bottom right

In addition, all text correctly appears, in the chat bar, player name tags when viewing the characters, countdown timers, player list, and after-game scoreboard. However, when a third person attempted to host a multiplayer game of Earth: Pioneer Trails, it crashed upon loading. As well, in said third person's server as seen in the video at Eden Prime, another Windows 7 server had the text glitch. Unfortunately I had a different version of OBS, and it did not pick up the sound in the video, thus the long-winded explanation. Sorry D: But it seems to be that the text glitch and Pioneer Trails is OS based, and then the minor position issues mentioned for the chat and reinforcement count.

UPDATE: While waiting for the video to upload to MediaFire, another crash happened on the Mars map. Luna however, was fine. Again: Windows 7.

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