Total-conversion mod for SWBF2 that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. You can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on six new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

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Sep 10 2016 Anchor

Hi! Long time fan of the mod and currently enjoying the latest beta. While playing again I noticed that some of the heroes (Shepards especially) seem to be way underpowered. I'll list them through with my thoughts. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say :)

A) Soldier- the Revenant is insane, his sniper is solid and the grenade launcher comes in handy. There's no reason to ever use the shotgun as the assault rifle kills anything faster regardless of range. Since battlefront 2 doesn't have weapon shortcuts, we end up having to scroll past the shotty each time -- I'd rather just not have it in its current state (screwing up the selection by scrolling too far gets you killed). His 3 powers are great. Strong class.

B) Infiltrator- the Black Widow is insaner. Add to that the Eagle pistol (easily the strongest weapon Alliance weapon after the Revanant and BW) and you have a crazy strong class. All his powers are fairly good. Strong.

C) Engineer- charge up shotguns suck. Takes forever to load and you end up missing often. The smg is okay (nothing like what the two above have). The flamethrower is very weak -- not a viable weapon for most situations. Decent powers (the drone is really fun), but he's still a weak class.

D) Adept- has the Eagle, so dealing damage isn't a problem. It's insane how strong it is, way better than any shotgun or smg. The collector beam is good. Don't see why anyone'd ever use his smg. Intersting powers. Heavy throw feels worse than field throw, but he has other stuff to make up for it. Average

E) Sentinel- the phalanx is 5x worse than the Eagle. It's not even funny. Has plenty of powers, all pretty good. The smg is decent, but much much worse than the big 3 (revenant/black widow/eagle). The rocket launcher is pitiful -- takes a bunch of shots to kill anything. Weak.

F) Vanguard- again the phalanx... The shotgun is good if you're not comparing it to anything else (the eagle could kill stuff much faster and from further away). I wish he had only two guns -- the gethspitfire is terrible and only gets in the way of switching weapons. Good powers. Weak-ish.

It just feels like the first 2 completely outclass everything else. I'd clump Jack together with them -- she has crazy crowd control and the Eagle. I like it when the heroes are much better than everyone else, so I'm not saying they need a nerf, but rather that the others could use an upgrade. While I'm on the case I'll bring up Harbinger as an honorable mention -- his weapons are much worse than the good Sheps' or the Primes', and he has too many powers that are too similar (very confusing and cluttered to use).

Marth8880 Project Leader
Sep 27 2016 Anchor

Thank you so much for your feedback. We certainly don't get enough of this kind!

We've addressed the issues you brought up. Here's the list of changes made:

  • Removed Soldier Shepard's M-27 Scimitar
  • Replaced Infiltrator Shepard's ML-77 Missile Launcher with ML-77b Missile Launcher
  • Replaced Sentinel Shepard's M-5 Phalanx with M-77 Paladin
  • Replaced Sentinel Shepard's ML-77 Missile Launcher with ML-77b Missile Launcher
  • Replaced Vanguard Shepard's M-5 Phalanx (INC) with N7 Eagle (INC)
  • Decreased damage values (slightly) for N7 Eagle
  • Increased maximum ammo capacity for Engineer Shepard's Geth Plasma Shotgun
  • Increased damage values for Engineer Shepard's and Jack's Geth Plasma Shotgun
  • Increased base damage values for Engineer Shepard's M-451 Firestorm
  • Increased damage values for Vanguard Shepard's Geth Spitfire
  • Replaced Adept Shepard's M-12 Locust with N7 Hurricane
  • Increased damage values for Harbinger's Collector Assault Rifle and Collector Carbine

We'd love to hear what you think once we release the next open beta. Keep in touch!

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