Total-conversion mod for SWBF2 that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. You can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on six new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

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May 3 2014 Anchor

Have you guys ever thought of making a cerberus faction with the basic units like the trooper, guardian, centurion, combat engineer, nemesis anda few other basic ones with maybe the atlas as a hero.

May 4 2014 This post has been deleted.
Jun 25 2014 Anchor

The ATLAS would do better as a vehical, along with their fighters.
Cerberus's assasin would do better as the hero.

That said, I read on their front page that the only reason why the cerbies aren't in the game yet is because they don't have a modeller to make them.

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