Total-conversion mod for SWBF2 that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. You can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on six new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! How to Report a Bug Marth8880 Marth8880 - read

Jun 2 2014

Crash on Hoth Conquest Onlycorndog Marth8880 - read

Aug 31 2016

[FIXED] Europa demo map loading game crashes darkyuri Marth8880 - read

Aug 23 2016

[NOT FIXED] No Text in Multiplayer (R6 HUD) Draven_Felius Draven_Felius - read

Dec 5 2015

[FIXED] Dying Heartbeats glitch FMLS Marth8880 - read

Oct 16 2015

[NO BUG] Uninstaller not in start menu agdenby90 Marth8880 - read

Oct 16 2015

[FIXED] The Alliance vanguard is incompetent SubZero07 Marth8880 - read

Sep 5 2014

[FIXED] Spawn point inside an object on Mustafar SubZero07 Marth8880 - read

Aug 8 2014

[NO BUG] ME era doesn't work in sol map pack SubZero07 Marth8880 - read

Jul 20 2014

[FIXED] Floating laptop SubZero07 Marth8880 - read

Jul 16 2014

[NO BUG] Config utility problem Tattorack SubZero07 - read

Jul 12 2014

[FIXED] Geth turret and combat drone sink into the ground SubZero07 SubZero07 - read

Jul 7 2014

[FIXED] Mod crashes too much Crashinghell Marth8880 - read

Jul 7 2014

[FIXED] No bots on Mos Eisley SubZero07 RedElite - read

Jun 27 2014

[FIXED] Harbinger's theme doesn't loop SubZero07 SubZero07 - read

Jun 22 2014

No bots on Mos Eisley SubZero07

This thread has been

[FIXED] Small hole on Eden Prime 501stcaptainrex Marth8880 - read

Jun 8 2014

[FIXED] No bots on Eden Prime SubZero07 Marth8880 - read

Jun 3 2014


If you have a bug to report, post it here. NOT FOR IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS.