"The Masked Prisoner" explores the untold stories of several Half Life characters - taking place in a prison on the outskirts of City 17.

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There´s a disconnection between gameplay and visual quality that impede me to rate it higher. This is what I posted on the Interlopers thread:

I insist on it being a shame to let this work unpolished. Both combat and layout ranged from good to great, with a noticeable increase in quality near the ending. I really liked the progressive, COD-like gameplay, even if I don´t like COD. It felt great on this mod and somewhat reminded me to Long Year Alarm. Some assault scheduled ended abruptly though, leaving cops standing still, offering their bodies as cannon fodder. I know for first hand it´s something difficult to avoid and/or fix, but considering you went all for gameplay experience, they should have been revised.

The combine outpost was a bit abstract but no big deal. I really liked the new voices and how well the girl did Alyx. It is a shame you didn´t include subtitles, some of us still need them :D

SPOILER The final revelation was the cherry of the cake. Good work!

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