The Legendary Generations mod is dedicated to enhancing all aspects of Star Trek: Legacy, with a primary focus on bringing to the game the most canon gameplay experience possible. We have made numerous graphical and gameplay enhancements, including a completely reworked stat system for the entire game, new textures and models, new menu systems, and new special effects. Our stat system and gameplay is unique, we have established canon values for all systems, for all ships, in all eras, or as close to it as we can get within the confines of Legacy's system. We have only had to make very few sacrifices for the sake of gameplay, most notably in the cloaking system, and we have achieved balanced gameplay with canon values, and there are even further gameplay changes and enhancements in the works. All of the races in Legacy are balanced (or as close to balanced as a work-in-progress can get), and each race has its own unique playstyle, based on how those races have been portrayed in the...

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