You are a protagonist who has no ties to the material world. You have no family, no friends, and no identity. You set out on an adventure of pure curiosity, and you soon realize you have entered a world filled with peril, ghosts, puzzles and a deep history. Taking heavy inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series, I hope to breathe some fresh life into the FPS genre. The game will feature puzzle aspects and an intricate story that will immerse you in a compelling adventure.

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An update on the progress of Legend of Gordon! Featuring a short video of gameplay and discussion of future endeavors!

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The past:
So the past few months I've actually put the mod on pause for a little, just to keep it fresh! I did come back to it and have been working on it for a while! The reason for this long break was what usually I like to call mappers block which usually occurs when something in the map is not working! But anyways, on to the good stuff:

The present:
There are currently 3 maps completed for the mod and they are all showcased in the video that follows so if you don't like reading just go ahead and watch the video... for those of you who'd like to keep reading, without giving too much away here's the premise so far:
1) Stage one will be set in a Forest (as previously mentioned) and will be of fairly low difficulty just to introduce newer players into the game and make them feel more at home.
2) The forest temple leads our Hero down into the Catacombs of the Forest Temple and down into the sewers where he comes upon a supply depot in mid-construction. There is a small train that Freeman will ride to...
3) The mountains! After an unknown distance later, our hero finds himself at yet another supply depot, although this one does look complete, aside from being raided recently... Freeman will find his way into a series of icy caves which hold the entrance to the Arctic Temple! This temple is slightly more difficult as one would imagine!
Although a vast majority of these maps are considered "Finished," I only consider them that for now... I am working on just having a complete game, but in the future...

The Future:
I do plan on going back to each map individually, testing the maps for bugs and exploits and making sure the game play is adequately balanced. I also plan on making a lot of custom textures to make the maps more unique as the two temples look too similar as of right now.
I do also plan on adding a story line to the game (currently being written by me and a few friends). We will be adding in some of our own voice acting and it's all going to smoothly blend into the game play. I'm looking for a mod that really has a good story as well as fun and interesting game play and I hope that's what some people are also looking for!

Although I do like working alone, it does make some tasks incredibly difficult, and I would really love to have a release date set for you guys but I'm not sure if I'll be finished any time soon. Right now I'd say Q4 2012 at the latest but I do feel like an extra set of hands would help out tremendously! I am looking for anyone with modelling or texturing talent that would like to help with the mod. So anyone out there who would like to help that would be greatly appreciated!

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you for reading this, and thank you for showing me your support, simply viewing my mod page shows me you guys care and it drives me to keep working! Thanks a lot everyone! Now enjoy this brief 1 minute teaser!



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Keep it comin' man !

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