You are a protagonist who has no ties to the material world. You have no family, no friends, and no identity. You set out on an adventure of pure curiosity, and you soon realize you have entered a world filled with peril, ghosts, puzzles and a deep history. Taking heavy inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series, I hope to breathe some fresh life into the FPS genre. The game will feature puzzle aspects and an intricate story that will immerse you in a compelling adventure.

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A video showcasing some new gameplay elements to be found in The Legend of Gordon.

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As of today, The Legend of Gordon has two maps. They aren't perfectly polished as of yet but I decided to release a gameplay teaser video to showcase some of the new elements that will be found in the mod (as of now).

New Enemies:
Burstcrab - This new breed of headcrab is a significantly larger threat than the old headcrab. When you get too close to this crab (or it attacks you) it will explode and deal roughly 40 damage to you, so it is imperative that you kill it from a distance!

Zombie Ghost - This is a much more powerful version of the standard zombie in that, well, it's invincible. Standard attacks won't hurt it, but maybe there will be a way to kill it later on...

New Gameplay Elements:
In-game map - Simply Press 'M' during any of the temples will open up the map (however crude and uninformative it may be) this can help players figure out what they are supposed to do whenever it's not obvious...

Treasure Chests - All new weapons/ammo types will have a much grander introduction this time around! Whenever you find a chest, you know you've found something useful! Which brings me to the next gameplay element...

Weapon functions - While in classic HL2 getting a new weapon is always exciting, it's even more exciting in Legend of Gordon. Instead of simply having a new way of killing your enemies, each weapon serves as a tool for accomplishing a certain task. This adds a new dimension of thinking to the game.

In-game Hints - For people who have never played an FPS before (excluding the obvious WASD and Mouse functions) this game will give you hints in the early stages on how to perform certain maneuvers. This will help newcomers feel welcome. While this is no different than classic HL2, I did decide to add hints in a new more modern way by using sprites!

In-game Cinematics - Something we didn't have in classic HL2 were cutscenes, and while they do sometimes take away from the game, they are sometimes necessary to make sense of what is going on in this mod. For example, if you use a switch in one room, and it does something in the next, how would you know what happened? Well now you'll know with in-game cinematics.

Closing Statements:
This is only skimming the surface on how many new elements will be going into The Legend of Gordon to bring the player a truly unique experience while still maintaining the core aspects of Half Life 2.

Here's a video showing off some of the new stuff! Enjoy!


lol zombie GOST from full life constequenses!

and do you really think that burstcrab is a good idea? i mean it should be in another way... well, its a creeper headcrab! more hugs...

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Son and people GET BACK!

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Cool ! Looks to be pretty interesting and well thought out as well to me. Looking forward to it.

P.S. I like the crab idea, but I will miss the " crowbar baseball " ;)

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abominable37 Author

Don't worry there will still be all the old enemies, these are just a few new ones that I simply coded in ;)

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