The Last Kingdom challenges players to control 13 new factions, including the Vikings themselves, the Saxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Norman, and to embark on a campaign to dominate the British Isles. With a wealth of new historical heroes, players can lead a range of new units into battle - including Viking Berserkers, Saxon Huscarles and Fyrdmen - while conducting sieges and epic battles. You can conduct the campaign on a new map focusing on North Europe, in the continent, in the Isle of England or Iceland or starting from the Norwegian peninsula.

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This mod is epic! Dark age Europe and the Viking invasions are the most intresting parts of history (I think so anyway) so I'm glad their is a mod set in this time period!


I love Vikings, saxons and that ****.... This is a dream come true!

My favorite


It could be seen ( and is better ) like one of those Kingdoms expansion scenarios for medieval 2 since it sets the tone of the high points of the viking age in north western Europe very well with most of the major factions during the time period while having a large map with a diverse enough unit look/style and a good way of tackling culture in this time period!It also changes the battles from regular medieval 2's game play to fit more with the style of battle during the time (major example is the shield wall). I highly recommend this mod and it does offer at least 3 different faction variety of fun such as playing one of the Scandinavian countries, Anglo-Saxon or more main land European such as the French or Normans. One of the best Medieval 2 mods out there and in the same tier (I believe) as other mods like Stainless Steel, Third Age, etc even if the goals aren't the same!

The Last Kingdom is a epic mod set in latter period of Dark Ages in which Vikings dominating world. Are many great things in this mod, unfortunably still in beta version. Highly recommanded


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I really enjoyed this mode and changes in it.
My only nitpick is that individual units should be smaller in 9th century.
Everything else felt good, battles were fun with new units and I likde designs of both units and buildings. The campaign is more stabble than other Kingdoms mods I tried (EB2, bunch of GoT mods, Stainless Steel).


You know it's a great mod when you still have the same feeling of playing the original game, yet nothing seems familiar. This mod certainly does that with a very well-made map, a great focus on the different factions and their cultures and historical accuracy. Hell, it even has an unification of Norway campaign with a great deal more historical details than I would ever expect!!


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loved the mod dude, 10/10 had a great map and only thing id like different is more factions instead of just rebels but that's just being picky....... other than that loved the music choices and the building trees with the different pictures for the buildings... good unit variety too


It may not be totally historically accurate, but it feels authentic for the time depicted, which is what the modder set out to do. I also love the historic references in loading screens, and the mod as a whole is very immersive. However, many parts seem uncompleted, but these are minor distractions from an overall fun mod.

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This mod is epic! Dark age Europe and the Viking invasions are the most intresting parts of history (I think so anyway) so I'm glad their is a mod set in this time period!

Sep 1 2013 by GordonTheCat

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