Global modification for BFME2 1.06 with Gondor, Mordor, Arnor, Angmar, Mithlond and Rhun. In the final version you can see updated graphic, optimization of performance, a lot of new units and heroes, big stone walls, more realistic ships, artillery and more.

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this isnt lotr, dont know how to describe this modification.
big performance issues and no quality support. i cant give more then 1 point.
if you want to test this mod: leave it.

This is NOT LOTR it is a blasphemy!

FUUUU!!! This is very illogical mod. Bad... Bad...

Not lotr. its to square (lol) and bland. the textures are ugly and again every fortress except for Angmar is a square and every building is white. its ugly bad gameplay overall i give it a one because it is not fun you took lotr and butcherd it

It would be better to say this mod is personally made and it's titles,factions, and other stuffs connected to LOTR must be change. AND ALSO WHY DOES THIS MOD CONNECTS TO LOTR AND THE THIRD AGE? THATS WHY ITS BAD

Installed the mod couldn't even get the game to start as I only received error messages when trying to run the mod.



Why the hell are the units, buildings and icons all invisible.


Alfarabius says

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Sözünde dursaydın da 31 ekim de çıkarsaydın.

This mod doesn't deserve it's title: "The Last Hope of the Third Age", because it doesn't contain any LOTR in it. Sure, you have some heroes, factions, places and troops, but most of it aren't LOTR! You should think before you make a mod about this game and this franchise, this is a disgrace to all LOTR fans and to this game! Guns? Wtf!? you gotta be ******** me!? Rename this mod to "NOT A LOTR RELATED MOD JUST A MIXED UP **** WITH GUNS!"

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Aug 26 2012 by kol0183