The Last Days of the Third Age — a total conversion of Mount and Blade 1.011 and Warband into J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Lord_Naberius says

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This Mod looks great and (playing for the lidless eye) I would give a solid 10/10 for the first fase (evil vs good) but I can't give more then 3 Point for the second fase (the two towers). After the Dunlander and Isengard attack was smashed back and the Dunlander camp and the Isengard outposts were destroyed nothing works anymore. Everyone is just riding around his camp for half a year now and the only one who is doing something is Fulgrin of Dol Guldur who is attacking the Trollcave with a small army every now and then. As a player you can't siege
by yourself in this game, the game is a complete patt.

There are bugs in this game too but I didn't count them for the review: Broken Quests (like make 492 prisoners, or find the slaves that went to "text that is definetly not a location"), Blocked Path without anything lying in the ways, red walls of text in battles ...

The good troops are so much superior that you feel an enormous amount of satisfaction if you kill them as a darksider tho :)

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This mod is utterly incredible! Everywhere I look I see the four years it took to make this world. From the orcs to the elven armor. The detail is staggering, every scene lovingly crafted, almost every armor textured to perfection. +5 The mod is well balanced and the immersion is total and complete. It immediately reminded me of an Elder-Scrolls Lord of the Rings game. +5 Now sadly there are the bugs. Several quests are broken and some of the enviromental textures (elven bridges and Gondorian stone…

Nov 1 2011 by Lueii