A total conversion of Troika's 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' for the classic D&D module 'The Keep on the Borderlands.'

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The full version of the Keep on the Borderlands mod for Atari's Temple of Elemental Evil is finally available!

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The Keep on the Borderlands has been upgraded to version 1.0.1. Please see download link below.


It's been a long time coming...

The Circle of Eight Team ( www.Co8.org ) is proud to announce that the Keep on the Borderlands mod is finished and available for download: get it right here at ModDB.

Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.1

What is Keep on the Borderlands?

KotB is a new module - or total conversion, if you prefer - for the Atari game Temple of Elemental Evil. It was created by modders at the Circle of Eight fansite and freely distributed. It requires the original Temple of Elemental Evil game, patched to patch 2. It does not require any other mods from Co8, such as Co8 8.0: it is a separate module to ToEE and not a mod of it.

KotB 1.0 Full Version KotB 1.0 Full Version

KotB is for starting level players. It attempts to push many elements of the ToEE engine to their limits, using the engine's capacity for animations, quests, skills, feats and dialogue, as well as combat, to produce an adventure game in the classic puzzle-solving mode. There is considerably more thought required to finish KotB than ToEE: though all the information is still given in the game, and it is not excessively difficult, just more thoughtful than the original game.

KotB 1.0 Full Version KotB 1.0 Full Version

The aim of the game is simple. The player controls one or more characters who have arrived at the Keep on the Borderlands seeking fame, fortune and adventure. The player needs only talk to the NPCs of the Keep and surrounding locales, and role-play their character, to find a variety of adventures, culminating in a journey to the infamous Caves of Chaos, where the party can fight, work for, manipulate or despoil the various tribes of monsters.

Features of Keep on the Borderlands

Keep on the Borderlands expands on ToEE's excellent simulation of the D&D3.5 engine with the following additional features:

New skills - Alchemy, Handle Animal, Climb, Use Rope, Knowledge (Nature), Speak Language, Disguise and Forgery (NPC only) - and additional uses for skills such as Appraise, Perform, Spellcraft and Sleight-of-Hand
New class abilities such as Wild Empathy, Slow Fall, Illiteracy, new familiars, better control over animal companions, new spells, Domain skills, class-specific quests
New racial abilities such as Stonecunning and racial languages
Over 60 new maps to explore, with more interactive environments (such as desks, shelves and cupboards commonplace) and over 40 quests
Heaps of new and classic equipment from the PHB such as Disguise and Climbing kits, new magic items, and many alchemical items.
Deeper, more thoughtful quest progressions, usually with multiple ways of completing quests.
Day / night routines for most NPCs.
'Black Market economy' with stolen items and fences.
And of course the new spells, new equipment and bugfixes that Co8 brought to ToEE, including more than 60 new feats.

Please post feedback at www.Co8.org, and enjoy!


Great game, ill try the the mod. Looks promising!

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Finally! Thank you very much for the hard work.


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Great game on one of my favorite modules, but where are the Orcs?? Is that a bug? Both the Orc caves are empty.

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