The Second Great War is nearing its boiling point. Millions of Capellans are abandoning their homes, and are being evacuated in thousands of transports. The GTVA Colossus and a handful of other Terran military units are holding back the Shivan advance, taking innumerable casualties, military and civilian alike. The plan of the Shivans at Capella is still unknown. The GTD Achilles, one of the last operational Orion-class destroyers, is stationed at Adhara, and has just received some new orders. Rumors are surfacing that some Shivan units left Capella, and entered the Epsilon Pegasi system. Having no military units at Epsilon Pegasi at that point, Command is reluctant to order this vessel and a few other military units to investigate whether the Shivans really infiltrated the system or not, and defend the system if need be. The player takes up the role of a veteran Terran pilot, who had been court-martialed because of an incident that demanded the life of one of his companions. Now, his.

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I am glad to report that on 8th December, I released the Journey to Epsilon Pegasi mod. Here are some links to follow:

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There used to be a couple of links here, but they're dead, so I removed them. To play The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi, follow the Downloads section. The entire mod - the newest version - is hosted at ModDB, not anywhere else. The other mirrors are outdated! Please use those mirrors only if the MODDB one is for some reason down.

Installation instructions (if you are new to installing mods for FreeSpace) are included in the main download. If those instructions for some reason don't take you where you want to be, Google "FreeSpace Wiki" and you'll find all sorts of articles related to installing new mods. Note that JtEP requires FreeSpace Open.

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