You wake up in the world, what is being called world between life and death. It is up to the people themselves to fight for survival. But this world isn't empty, it is magical world and it is owned by someone who is being called death. Apparently he isn't god of this world and can only manipulate everything. So you escape from him but at the same time you go through your dark past, so you would understand, why and how did he end up there.

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I hate to give a rating this low, but I didn't even ENJOY playing this mod. The use of custom music was fantastic, and the voice acting was a nice touch (albeit annoying at times) - but the sheer lack of direction and overall buggyness of the game ruined it for me. I had to reload probably 8 or 9 times just to finish the game, due to getting stuck behind things just from normal exploration, or key items getting stuck as well. Reloading the game would sometimes prevent events from triggering, causing me to have to restart from the beginning.

The last portion of the game where you're in the woods basically made me quit and not finish it for a few days, because I was BORED. Please, add some better direction in the next mod. I wanted to like this! Great imagination behind it, meh execution.

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Pretty good, not the best one out there but it has a certain charm to it. Certainly some nice variability with puzzles (not the same old key/door puzzles over and over). Overall, the main flaw in my opinion is that it isn't presented as serious as it maybe should have been (death continuing to say "Epic" and "Awesome" or when he says "by the way" it is shown in the subtitles as "btw"). Also (when you play as the detective) you're missing some welders on the stairs and the detective doesn't have…

Jan 21 2012 by triadtimes