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Well after a little dry spell and loss of interest...

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Well after a little dry spell and loss of interest I have decided that this mod will be a Diplomacy release and after that than it will eventually move over to Rebellion. Also I now have a modeler but he is limited in his abilities so I am looking for 1 or 2 others plus 1 or 2 texture artists or if you can do both even better. I have found that this mod has grown well beyond one man's job, well at least to get it done well before the end of year/end of the world. So a release will be set for Dec 15. 2012 so at least people will get a chance to experience my genius before the world ends. The world may not end so if not, we will continue to mod. Also I have made this mod follow a little more realistically but for that you will have to use the beta.

Now while I was in my slump I somehow managed to take a few of the mini-mods I had and put them together into an Intarian Saga mini-mod so I may release this very very very bad version of the mod, just consider it an early early early alpha release, and on that note you will start to see ships models in the images these will not be final models so if they look bad don't worry some will stay others will go the way of the dinosaurs. Now for all the ships and yes I deleted the original news post with this as this one will be completely done, and thats all for now.

Freedom Class Starbase

Long Range Probe, Scout
Deo Frigate,
Light Frigate
Atlantis Class Frigate, Anti-Fighter
Aeo Class Frigate, Planetary Bombardier
Praxis Class Frigate, Long Range Missileship
Utala Mobile repair platform, Light Support


Atlantis Class Carrier Variant, Fighter Carrier
Venat Class, Anti-Structure
Pheonix Command Ship, Support
Detu Class Dreadnaught, Heavy Cruiser

Capital Ships:
Dragon Class Assault Ship, Heavy Battleship
Ventar BattleCarrier, Super Carrier
Ambassador Class Cruiser, Super Bombardier
Matriarch Refit, Super Colony
Belsa Battlecruiser, Super support
Prototype Destroyer, Super Battleship
If you have suggestions for ship names pls comment.

P.S. I will be working on the map so also expect more of the galaxy.

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