Currently, The Hyborian Age/THA is an overhaul mod for M&B 2 Bannerlord. It contains new factions, clans, mercenaries, a magic system and much more. In the future, there will be plans for a custom map and settlements, however, there is a lot of work to be done!! To install the new main menu theme, follow this directory in your files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\music Simply overwrite the file PC located withing the above path, with the PC file located in the Modules.rar which you downloaded from this page. When you uninstall, simply verify your game files in Steam THIS MOD RUNS ON 1.8.0 AS OF the 0.2 release Many clans and factions use custom icons found from a 3rd party mod. I did not create the magic spells myself, they were created wonderfully by feydrasnm Many thanks to ClearanceClarance and Eykonal for permission to use their assets.

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Bannerlord has had a long development journey, first being announced in 2012 and then experiencing its first public release in early 2020. Two and a half years further on, after a launch that had some issues here and there, the game has now released from early access beta and into its first full 1.0 release. In that time, a sprawling modding community has emerged as a great mimic of its predecessor's and to commemorate the occasion, here's five creations from the community in that time!

Iron Arm of Vlandia

By Zaldir

Image 3

The Vlandian army is now more properly organised, just like Osrac Iron-Arm, first king of Vlandia wanted his armies to be. The Vlandians being the precursor to both the Swadians and the Rhodok have to feature both strong swordsmen and strong spearmen. Crossbowmen are important to both these later period factions, and as such, these now look more professional and proper. The Vlandians value their knights above all else! The Vlandian knights are therefore the strongest cavalry in the game. The common cavalrymen are also pretty strong, but a far reach away from the knights.

Separatist Crisis

By Star Wars Separatist Crisis Dev Team

Separatist Crisis Renders: ARC Trooper and Medical trooper PHASE 1

A single-player experience, paired with coooperative play and multiplayer. This mod aims to be the standard-setting Star Wars mod for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. Featuring six unique storylines, 100 diverse planets, and a massive amount of equipment will keep you intrigued your entire playthrough of the mod. We don't aim to re-create the Star Wars mods for previous Mount and Blade games, we fully intend to surpass them, in terms of scale, features, and overall quality

The Land Of Sika

By Sika-BlueWind

Image 9

The Land of Sika is a mod project based on Mount & Blade: 2 Bannerlord, set in a fantasy land full of mystery and legend. With overhauled and rebalanced game mechanism, a fantasy world with 8 unique main factions and a story line which lead you uncover the secrets of the world and even save it from total destruction!

Friendly Lords

By David_CR

Image 2

This mod improves the NPCs' AI giving to each one a social side, as a personality, status and etc. You will be able to see them speaking with each other and you are also able to interact with them / be interacted by them, increase or decrease your relation between both. There are a few Social Exchanges and Intentions available. This mod is also the final product of a university thesis on game development and artificial intelligence - an interesting caveat given the history of university projects and modding (take a look at some old HL2 mods for example)!

The Hyborian Age Bannerlord

By The Hyborian Age

Image 5

The Hyborian Age/THA is an overhaul mod for M&B 2 Bannerlord. It contains new factions, clans, mercenaries, a magic system and much more. 22 new factions join 11 new playable cultures, dozens of new wanderers to add to your party, brand new mercenary clans, and lots of revised names to establish this is a new age in Calradia, and with a new age comes new opportunities!

Sieging On

Mount & Blade is one of the last words of solo-centric medieval simulation, a franchise built on putting players right in the boots of frontline soldiers and sticking them on the frontlines as either a traveller down on their luck or a charismatic lord of a gigantic army. Scale is everything and with a premise like that, it's no surprise the series has gone on to inspire passionate fans and great modding communities. Bannerlord stumbled a little out the gate, but now it makes its first full version release, many would argue its worthy of the lineage and a competent sequel to Warband.

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Bannerlord is the sequel to Mount & Blade: Warband, a
seminal medieval game with a vibrant modding scene

Calradia Is Yours

Warband experienced a decent bit of post-launch support and after the development journey Bannerlord took, it seems unlikely TaleWorlds will move to whip up a threequel any time soon. Patches will be made, balance fixes implemented, and perhaps new content - similar to Fire & Sword, or Viking Conquest - is also on the horizon. In any case, these mods - and more - will keep you coming back to Bannerlord time and time again.

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Full Version

The second version of The Hyborian Age, updated for 1.8.0, now with magic spells. Join the discord for full change log.

user3255 - - 84 comments

in this modification, there are no new cultures that they are talking about, just a couple of new weapons and the division of kingdoms

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mdc13 - - 113 comments

this mod looks sick!
is planned to have custom armors?

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