The Great War mod is a total conversion modification for Napoleon: Total War. It creates an authentic representation of World War 1-era tactics, strategies and general warfare within the game. Including stunning new visuals that include entirely new models and textures for equipment, vehicles and more, the mod immerses you into the era with brand new gameplay unlike anything you've experienced in Total War before.

turbobounce says

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Very good mod with amazing weapons, like the tank,machine gun ect. ,while they do have to improve on some aspects, however it seems like the mod has died, the day i see this mod updated will be an amazing.

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I am giving this mod a 10, not just because I know it will be amazing. But because of the hard work and determination that the developers have put into this mod. 3 Years of incredible work.

Not just that. But also with the troubles on release day they have worked all day and night trying to get it working. For this they have my utter most thanks and gratitude.

Thank you. For all your hard work.

Aug 11 2013 by Eliminator96