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The Great War mod is a total conversion modification for Napoleon: Total War. It aims to create an authentic representation of World War 1-era tactics, strategies and general warfare within the game. Watch as waves of battalions advance under the cover of massed artillery barrages and deadly poison gas, or stay and play it safe hidden behind their defenses. Machineguns will brutally mow down uncareful attackers and defenses are manned by thousands of troops, armed with rapid breech-loaded rifles. SMG Infantry, Flamethrowers, Snipers and Elite Stormtroopers are a few among the many units that attempt to break the stalemate, while the sheer industrial output of all nations in the conflict - and the density of forces along most fronts - ensure that advances are measured in metres, not in the grand distances of earlier days. Commanders must learn to control massive battles, where audacity and wit must overcome seemingly impossible odds.
Dreadnoughts rule the waves in the grand collisions between the world's mightiest navies, while cruisers and destroyers launch raids on ports and merchant shipping, gradually forcing nations into starvation and resource shortages. Battles are carried out at long ranges, with the biggest metal titans bolstering an impressive and unprecedented firepower.
The artillery barrages, huge explosions, clouds of dense poisonous gas and the sheer scale of battles help create a feeling of awe and truly exposes the capabilities and wonders of the 'Total War 3' engine. Watch battalions evaporate under withering shelling, melt away in poison gas or be turned into piles of corpses in front of enemy positions in the mods enthralling land battles.
Rule at the head of any of the many countries that watched Europe become engulfed in war, lead your nation however you want in a free sandbox campaign that set you off at the start of the war.
The Greatest war the world has ever seen is about to begin, it's time for you to take your place in it.

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Campaign Changes


Added 10 new loading screens
Added new campaign map models for armies and generals
Added USA troops to French unit roster after researching associated tech
Added new historical events
Added historical faction leaders for all factions
Added historical traits to new faction leaders and generals
Added historical generals to all major and most minor factions
Added new portraits for new faction leaders and generals
Added historical starting armies in their historical locations in 1914
Added starting navies with historical fleet sizes and locations
Added new icon for cultural differences to replace missing icon
Added more pilot names and portraits
Added religious icon for Judaism on city info screen

Added new deployment zones for naval battles and land battle types, including
- standard land battles
- siege battles
- bridge battles
- ambush battles
- settlement battles (offensive and defensive)

Added 27 historical battle names for famous battle markers on the map, including
- Battle of Tannenberg
- Battle of Gallipoli
- Battle of the Isonzo
- Battle of the Ardennes
- Battle of the Cerna Bend
- Battle of Dobra Pole

Added region specific revolutionary armies to some regions
- Bavarian Soviet Revolutionaries
- Ruhr Revolutionaries
- Bennio Russo Revolutionaries

Added new emergent factions
- Hungary
- Poland
- Latvia
- Ukraine
- Lithuania
- Belarus
- Finland
- Czechoslovakia
- Yugoslavia

Added new followers to some faction leaders
- Rasputin
- Tsarina Alexandra
- Karl Franz von Habsburg
- Queen Marie of Romania


Overhauled tech system - WIP
- added new techs
- changed tech effects for all techs including adding effects to techs that were missing them
- adjusted starting techs to be more historically accurate and varied between major and minor factions
- removed access to some techs from factions that shouldnt have access to them including colonial and foreign recruitment
- adjusted which buildings require which techs to be unlocked
- adjusted which techs unlock which other techs
- changed which buildings unlock which techs
- changed the location of many techs on the tech tree

Adjusted faction government types and religions to be historically accurate
Overhauled economy to be more historically accurate
Overhauled religion demographics in eastern europe and added Judaism
Adjusted plane models to be slightly smaller and higher up above the ground
Adjusted campaign camera’s closest zoom distance so it doesn't clip into the ground, buildings or campaign pieces
Adjusted campaign camera full zoom out to be not as far which prevents the camera from accidentally zooming all the way out when scrolling the mouse wheel
Changed unit recruitment icons silhouettes in AI controlled cities to WW1 era unit silhouettes for both army and navy units
Changed AI army units’ silhouettes to peaked cap (no more top hats)
Changed notification icon for new traits from top hat to WW1 peaked cap
Increased the population of major cities to 1914 levels

Bug Fixes;

Fixed several event images still being vanilla
Removed mines, farms, vineyards etc from town names e.g. Nancy Mines is now just Nancy.
Fixed starting camera position to show the nation you selected on startup
Fixed movement bonus for railroads
Fixed Ottoman naval unit model still being vanilla dhow
Fixed voices for all units WIP

Building Changes


Added second university to most major factions and removed them from some minor factions while adding them to some other minor factions for strategic purposes
Added new building icons for railroads
Added new building icons for airfields
Added starting railroad system to major factions creating a railroad backbone
Added prestige building to major faction capitals
Added level 1 buildings to all towns so there are no empty town slots at the beginning of the campaign


Adjusted unit recruitment slots for ports and cities so they all start with at least 2 recruitment slots
Adjusted building names to be more historically accurate, no more craft workshops etc
Adjusted build times and costs for buildings
Overhauled starting buildings to give more variety
Overhauled unit building requirements to give more variation in recruitment and allow single slot city minor nations to recruit artillery
Removed grapes icon from vineyards, wineries and wine estates.
Removed unrest from army buildings to prevent excessive revolts
Added more effects to supply depots; reduce upkeep cost for infantry and cavalry, increased time to surrender for sieges
Added more effects to roads; increase reinforcement range for armies

Overhauled building models to give more variation using previously unused models
- vineyards = Village
- wineries = Large Town
- wine estates = City
- National Gallery = Admin6
- Humboldt Universität = Army School
- Wiener Theater = Commercial Finance
- Musée Napoléon = Army Base
- Kremlin Armory = Industry Chemical

Overhauled building XP allocation as follows,
- Military Base gives XP bonus to units: Elite infantry, light infantry, basic rifle infantry, MG units and mountain infantry
- Military School give XP bonus to units; Snipers, engineers, flamethrower units, assault units, shotgun units, grenadiers, assault smg units and anti tank units
- Manufacturing Industry gives XP bonus to units; Field guns, light mortars, mountain guns, light tanks
- Heavy Industry gives XP bonus to units; Heavy howitzers, heavy field guns, rail guns, heavy mortars, heavy tanks
- Chemical Industry gives XP bonus to units; Gas projectors

Bug Fixes;

Fixed missing building icon for level 1 farms
Fixed Ottoman Empire buildings to be middle eastern style
Fixed some broken towns slots that didnt allow buildings to be built there
Fixed higher level buildings not being able to recruit units

Trade Changes


Added trade ships on trade nodes at start of campaign

Added new trade commodities with new icons
- Oil
- Lumber
- Copper
- Grain
- Coal


Adjusted trade good values WIP
Changed all commodity volumes to tonnes

Changed trade node names to other nations that were involved in the war including
- Dominion of Canada
- British Raj
- South Africa
- Brazil
- America

Scripting Changes

Disabled tech trading between major factions but minor factions can still trade techs

Added unit disabling script that changes all units to trench warfare era once trench warfare tech is researched.

Added influenza pandemic script to the following factions
- Portugal
- Spain
- France
- British Empire
- German Empire
- Italy
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Norway
- Denmark
- Netherlands
- Austria-Hungary

Added revolution events to the following factions
- Germany (November Revolution)
- Austria - Hungary (Aster Revolution)
- Russian Empire (February Revolution, October Revolution)

Battle Changes


Overhauled BAI system
Increased accuracy of mg units
Increased rifle ranges

Bug Fixes;

Fixed units randomly turning when firing
Fixed formations for better BAI utilization
Fixed reinforcement bug caused by mg units having too many which made a couple men stand in place even when the unit itself is moving
Removed mg bunkers to prevent crashing during battles

Land Unit Changes


Added new unit cards and info cards for all factions WIP
Added new units types to certain factions so that all factions have comparable units types - WIP
Added American troops to French unit roster that are unlocked via techs
Added new texture for the mauser


Overhauled uniforms for all major factions and most minor factions WIP
Adjusted colonial unit recruitment times to 1 turn but limited number of units that can be recruited
Adjusted unit sizes to be slightly larger
Adjusted armor stats for mid and late era units to be higher to simulate the helmets

Bug Fixes;

Fixed fuel tank on flame thrower unit so it shows up now
Fixed unit spacing so there is more room between men in units to prevent them from clipping into each other

Tank Changes


Added 4 new French tanks
Added new textures for British and German captured British tanks


Increased space between tanks to prevent them from bunching up
Adjusted the tanks LOD distance so that the high detail LOD1 is visible longer
Adjusted tank cost and building times making German tanks cost more and take longer to build
Adjusted tank tech unlocking to make male tanks available first instead of female tanks

Bug Fixes;

Increased number of tanks in unit to prevent them from disappearing after battles

Artillery Changes


Added shrapnel shell artillery type to howitzers


Adjusted poison gas to be more accurate, have a larger spread and to make the gas linger longer
Adjusted attack power of artillery to be lower but increased explosion radius so artillery wont be so overpowered in auto resolve
Increased space between artillery units to prevent them from bunching up
Changed some heavy artillery to fixed

Adjusted firing angle of artillery to avoid shells hitting obstructions
- 20 degrees for field guns
- 45 degrees for howitzers
- 60 degrees for mortars

Naval Changes


Added Francesco Caracciolo Class Super Dreadnought to Italy and Imperator Nikolai I class super dreadnought to Russia that can be unlocked after researching tech
Added new ship type called Armored Cruisers
Added new deployment zones for naval battles
Added historical naval flags
Added info cards for naval units

Added new faction specific naval units, including
- Tegetthoff Class dreadnought
- Habsburg class pre-dreadnought
- Gangut Class dreadnought
- Borodino Class battlecruiser
- Imperator Nikolai I Class super dreadnought
- Francesco Caracciolo Class super dreadnought
- Reşadiye Class dreadnought
- Espana Class dreadnought
- Kilkis Class dreadnought


Adjusted naval unit costs, upkeep and build times to make having navies easier
Adjusted naval units range, fire power and armor
Limited number of trade and cargo ships to prevent AI from only building those ship types
Changed all cruisers ship models to the steam frigate and destroyers, cargo ships and trade ships model to 1deck38 steam ship to add more variety to the ships models during battles

Bug Fixes;

Fixed first super dreadnought event trigger as it would fire when a pre-dreadnought was built
Fixed ship artillery models WIP

New models

- Renault FT 17
- Schneider CA1
- Saint-Chamond

- Lebel Model 1886
- Mosin–Nagant M1891
- Mannlicher M1895

- Artillery observation scope WIP
- Caudron r 11 bomber
- hotchkiss machine gun

The Great War VI - Minor Faction Preview #1

The Great War VI - Minor Faction Preview #1

News 20 comments

This is our first preview which focuses on minor factions. The factions featured are Serbia, Romania and Portugal.

The Great War VI - Loading Screens

The Great War VI - Loading Screens

News 11 comments

Here are the new loading screens that we have added to the new update. They represent every major faction that fought in WW1 including some of he minor...

The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

News 25 comments

Here is the preview for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We are also starting the next round of beta testing.

The Great War VI - The Ottoman Empire

The Great War VI - The Ottoman Empire

News 19 comments

Here are some of the new uniforms for the Ottoman Empire.

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[PATCH] The Great War 5.1.4

[PATCH] The Great War 5.1.4

Patch 294 comments

Re-upload of the 5.1.4 patch, last patch was uploaded when I was drunk and so there were... problems. Many apologies. NOTICE: This includes all patches...

[OUTDATED] [PATCH] The Great War 5.1.3

[OUTDATED] [PATCH] The Great War 5.1.3

Patch 101 comments

Patch 5.1.3, [SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE] fixes campaign crash due to industrial buildings, fixes campaign problems with certain unit scales, fixes certain campaign...

[OUTDATED] [PATCH] The Great War 5.1.2

[OUTDATED] [PATCH] The Great War 5.1.2

Patch 63 comments

Patch 5.1.2, enabling multiplayer and fixing a host of bugs and crashes. Re-uploaded in a zip with a different compression so it can be opened by all...

The Great War 5.1

The Great War 5.1

Full Version 292 comments

A full version, if upgrading from 5.0, delete all old 5.0 files and install this.

[OUTDATED] The Great War 5.0

[OUTDATED] The Great War 5.0

Full Version 162 comments

Version 5.0 of The Great War mod, original release version

Comments  (0 - 10 of 5,470)

will spain be getting new units in the next update?
(ps keep up the good work)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

British Empire?:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote



Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This mod has greatly expanded (albiet a roundabout way of acquiring them) the unit selection, and all-together it is clear a lot of work has gone into this, but simply put, the AI is completely broken. I'm not sure whether any changes have been made from vanilla in the first place, but even if there has been, the AI is abysmal. You can conquer the world with 5 units of light howitizers and a few rifle infantry, literally. The AI rarely uses trenches (and when they do, they immediately abandon them), yet despite that, they either stand still in a clump the entire battle (with the exception of cavalry, which 100% of the time literally just run straight into your lines, provided you move at all) or slowly march towards you and get decimated. More than half the time, the AI, despite have artillery, does not unlimber it; it simply stands there, doing nothing. I cannot recommend this mod to anyone in its current state.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You must have a glitched version then. In my games, and I've just completed my german campaign, enemy howitzers unlimber immediately after deployment, yes their infantry march up towards your lines with their soldiers but they stop at range and typically you have a shoot off. Their cavilary attacks my flanks and straight into my lines depending on whether or not it's a river crossing, or if my units are already engaged in a skirmish with their rifles. Their artillery is accurate enough that I need to constantly order my units into loose order formation, or skirmish I think it's called, and my general has to run amok to avoid being blown to bits. Tanks are even employed by the AI and I must say, the first two rounds were devastating, for me. This is campaign I'm talking about, and at it's current state and my experience I shall reject your notion of denouncement. The mod needs work for sure and the modder is hotly on it. In fact I believe they're releasing an update within a few weeks which should fix many bugs, such as units randomly rotate mid battle.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

but it is true that you can conquer the world with howitzers.... enemy infantry will die out/flee before they reach your line

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

In fairness, battles are extremely easy even on max difficulty. Due to AI not that smart behavior. It simply always marches on you and dying. But it will be overhauled in the new update, what log said. Hopefully, battles become more challenging. But I agree, not to recommend this mod is rather strange, as it is so much different from the original game and contains lots of things. Everyone must try it at least.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there going to be a difference between the common imperial army and the royal hungarian honvéd for Austria-Hungary? Or will this contain, say, just one standard infantry unit? Thx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

May i ask what the ETA is on the updated mod? I feel as if it was mentioned but I for whatever reason cannot find it. I apologize for my ignorance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Before the end of the year, no exact ETA yet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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I am giving this mod a 10, not just because I know it will be amazing. But because of the hard work and determination that the developers have put into this mod. 3 Years of incredible work.

Not just that. But also with the troubles on release day they have worked all day and night trying to get it working. For this they have my utter most thanks and gratitude.

Thank you. For all your hard work.

Aug 11 2013 by Eliminator96

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