A mod that will strive to create The Great Hyperspace War in Star Wars: Empire at War:Forces of Corruption.Any and all help is welcomed and appreciated.

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Modders Needed


I am starting a mod to make a campaign in the time period that The Great Hyperspace War was in.Any and all help is much appreciated and I am looking for some people who know how to code to help me.I'm new to coding and I am learning but I cannot make the mod without some experienced coders.I am also looking for a new logo, so if someone can make one for me, then I will feature it in the mod.If you want to help or have ideas just friend and then message me through steam.My steam name is Roston.If for some reason you can't find me, or you don't have steam. just message me your steam or we can talk over a teamspeak. I also wanted to make it known that until I get at-least one modder, an experienced one, then I will not be releasing any content, due to the fact that i'm only 14 and I have not a clue on how to code or model.


That will be great !

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563402 Creator

I have just commented on the mod page to see if it is in active development, if no reply is given within the next week I will continue on with this.

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If they have stopped, maybe you could ask to use some of their files and give them credit.

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This seems interesting. As long as it sticks with the story, I'm in for this mod!

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