UPDATE: (mod title) is dead but I'm remaking it. I stopped modding in September because I got bored and now I came back. Probably going to leave again. I made new progress between the last update and now, and I think that the last part of the map is very beautiful compared to the crappy start. There may be errors and a crappy button, but it's dead and I don't remember what I did, so I just compiled it and fixed the annoying bugs. The last part was meant to be dark and spooky but it ended being too bright in some parts and too dark in others. I think that this new update has: 1. New vortigaunt and human grunt models. 2. Spirit of half-life 1.54. Difficulty levels should be like Doom or any old fps (More enemies on harder difficulty but same damage). Vortigaunts are supposed to be allied with grunts with the "Behave as" thing to "Human military" but they still kill themselves. 3. New menu music (Doom e1m7). 4. Another secret area

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The part after you enter the teleporter to the left in the teleport room. You will see some 2 grunts, one watching who gets teleported, and the other one watching the door. You will trigger an animation were the grunt to the left comes to watch who got teleported, and when he realises that it's an intruder with guns, he decides to call his mate and open the door to kill you. I think it's a decent room that isn't empty. The two computers to the extreme left are prefabs and the trash can comes with hammer, I made the computer that controlls the door and for the first time I put a mark for a door. I also changed the wall texture in just a side so it isn't the same one. Also, first nodes you will see (if you go to the left teleporter first but there's only one, there will be 4 more).

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