The Great Forever Tomorrow is the second project by Kiwi Productions. It requires Half Life 2 Episode 2 to play. It is a singleplayer adventure through a surreal underground fortress. Features: *Original textures, complete with normal mapping. *Original voice acting and music. *Two new guns! *A story that makes sense (i.e. better than what Gateways, our first project, had). *A variety of gameplay (more than just combat). *Surreal and over the top environments.

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I LOVE surrealist mods that try new things, but I will have to agree with others that this one could have had a little improvement in some areas. I was confused about the end (even though surrealist mods always confuse me) and some of the areas, like the reflective neon-colored walls were repeated in a lot of places. Also, at the end there was a batte that was very hard even on easy level. Even with the crazy powerful weapons given it's still hard to mow down a few hundred enemies all shooting at you at once. It was a crazy slaughterhouse.

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