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The Ghosts History:
The first records related to this strange entity were registered around 4000 standard years ago, right after the widely known "Great Cataclysm of the Shallows", when a powerful supernova-sized explosion destroyed 4 colonized star systems and killed around lives.
That cataclysm was not caused by a star or any other natural source, it was accidentally caused by nothing less than an incredibly advanced inter-universal traveling system created by the ancient race identified as "Necros".

The records about how the first contact was made are very vague and lack of important details about the visitants. However, there are several visual records showing an entire fleet of cruiser sized ships jumping in our universe and causing the powerful shockwaves that also caused the cataclysm.
The radiations of the shockwaves didn't helped, but a deeper analysis of the energy signatures showed that every ship was identical, and that nothing less than 117 ships jumped in our universe.
The closest ship that suvirved the shockwaves was a Nomad Frigate, the ship suvirved to the radiations thanks to an Uridium asteroid that served as shield. When the nomadic frigate reached the origin of the cataclysmic shockwaves found a single ship, waiting.

When the nomadic ship tried to analize the strange ship every system went offline with the exception of the communications channel:

"-We came from an ancient and long ago dead universe. We are the remnants of the last living lifeform of our dark home. Our race lived eons in the darkness, waiting for this moment, waiting to arrive to a younger universe, to this universe. We are sorry for the disasters that we've caused to the people of this sector, but we had no choice.
We are the Necros, and we come in peace."

As nomadic "testigos presenciales" told, the ship identified as Necros Cruiser just dissapeared instants after the comms ended, and the nomadic frigate went online again.

Several years later, a scientific group found that there was more information hidding at the background of that communications recording. Information about the dead universe of the visitants and about their history. In short, they were a race that reached the space in the last eons of their universe, known as the dark era, when every other intelligent lifeform was already extint. This is why they grew up alone and found that there were other universes waiting for their arrival. Several undred standard years later they managed to travel to our universe, sacrifying a great part of their people and even their own universe in the proccess...

No one knew anything about the Necros after their arrival to our universe, until 1500 standard years ago, when a cruiser of the young Order recieved a call of help of a ship very similar to the identified in the times of the "Great Cataclysm of the Shallows". They were desesperatedly calling for help, they told to the Order that their only colonized star system, their new home system, was facing the total anihilation... No one knows why, but the Order didn't helped...

There was no time, there was no chance, the decision was already taken and the Necros cruiser jumped back to its home system in a last desesperate attempt to save some more people, but when the cruiser reached its destiny, it found a dying homeworld and its own destruction... by falling inside a huge black hole...
An Empire cruiser registered the whole disaster and recorded a broadcast transmission generated by the falling Necros Cruiser, a last cry of desesperation:


Now, 1500 years later, a strange fleet of "ghost ships" is exiting from the very same black hole. No one knows with precision if they are the Necros or just some kind of new lifeform. All we know is that they are really agressive, they dont answer to any communication attempt, they dont have mercy and all what they do is destroying worlds and anything that tries to stop them.
They are "The Ghosts".

The Ghosts Backstory:
Several months ago, when i was coding the EX-Tityan Dreadnought of Praetorian Industries Mod, a new idea for a mod came to me, and instantly knew how i was going to name it... The Ghosts. But The Plague mod had the priority. Now, after another year of modding filled with delays (delays, delays everywere), the Plague mod is about to be completed, and with it, another chapter on the GSB modding community (wich created every beast in The Plague fleet) succesfuly ends.

I kept this project in secret for almost a year, but just started to truly work on it a month ago. My objective is to release it at the same time that The Plague Mod, (yeah! i'm working that fast! xD), but i'm not going to delay TP Mod, if TG Mod is delayed by any reason, The Plague will be released first, dont worry :P

The fact is that Praetorian Industries Mod, The Plague Mod and The Ghosts Mod are the three parts of a project, long ago started, that i was going to call "The Praetors Trinity"... joke :P. It will be never only mine, because PI and TP mod wouldnt have passed the drawing table without the help of the great community of modders that lurks around the GSB modding tab. (Thanks to everyone again! =D)

Therefore i'm going to name it "The Community Trinity" or just "The Trinity" :P

To Do List:

General Modding:
> Module Making: Covered By Me
> Turrent Graphics Making: Finished
> Design of Hulls: Finished
> Making of Damage/Hulk versions: Finished
> Hull Coding: Finished
> Scenario Making: Covered By Me

Ship Classes Making:
Drones:_______________Target= 4 Designs= 4 Functional= 4
Frigates:_____________________Target= 4 Designs= 3 Functional= 3
Cruisers:___________________Target= 4 Designs= 3 Functional= 3
Dreadnaughts:___________________Target= 2 Designs= 1 Functional= 1
Juggernaughts:___________________Target= 1 Designs= 1 Functional= 1

Functional Hulls Count:: 10
Functional Modules Count:: 25 Modules with 30 new Icons, 12 Visual Effects (FX) and 15 new Sound Effects.

Current Version: 0.75
v0.5 - Modules Created <<0.40% Complete>>
v0.6 - Turret Graphics / Weapon FX complete <<100% Complete>>
v0.7 - Ships coded in <<90% Complete>>
v0.8 - Missions Complete <<0% Complete>>
v0.9 - Balance Modules / Weapons / Ships / Missions
v1.0 - Remove Unused files and RELEASE !

[size=150]Related Stuff: [/size]

[size=100]> Gratuitous Modding Pack[/size]
If you want to make your own mod, here you have a great source of visual and sound stuff, it was used to make this mod:

[size=100]> Praetorian Industries Mod[/size]
Enjoy the huge ammount of new possibilities that offers this mod!

[size=100]> The Plague Mod[/size]
Prepare to face a new threat! Stills as WIP.

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The Ghosts v0.95

The Ghosts v0.95

Full Version

The Ghosts mod is now avaliable for downloading. Enjoy by controlling the deadly and invisible hand of the ghosts in their campaing for the destruction...

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