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Bethesda now has a more compelling business case than ever to resurrect its controversial paid mods system ("Paid Mods 2.0"), with its cross-platform mod system, But it has a narrow window of opportunity.

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Featured Blog Post on Gamasutra: "Why Bethesda should introduce Paid Mods 2.0 soon".


That's a nice collection of strawmen you've strung together there. A shame even a cursory look at the mobile market undermines the majority of your econ 101 'facts'. Further the idea Bethesda will use the money they make from exploiting mod makers to protect them from theft is wholly at odds with how other platforms that generate profit from user created content behave, a clear example of which is YouTube's continued inaction over false content ID claims.

You've made a very nice mod and it might well earn you a small amount of Bethesda Funbux but mobile and F2P show the vast majority of profit will go towards skins and resource/money boosting mods.

The oddest thing is that you acknowledge mods add a tremendous amount of value to games and yet you do not even consider the fact that maybe Bethesda should pay you for enhancing the value of their game rather than getting to double dip on increased sales and getting a large cut of your hard work.

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My prior commentator is right.
As a lawyer I can attest that paying people, indirect in this case, to defend ones "copyright" (which in most cases does not even exist for modders) does not work. Just have a look what happened to Stephen Colbert:
Introducing money into the relation between Gamers/Developers/Moders would only lead to Gamers having even higher expectations to Moders, no more "It´s done when it´s done" or similar luxuries.
You as a creator are digging your own creative grave with demands like that. Just inform yourself about the current state of intellectual property law in the Eu and the US, believe me, it is far from friendly to the creators. The only thing you would achieve is getting yourself into a net of duties and claims from directions you never would have thought possible.
Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany

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