This mod provides five campaigns for you to play that allow you to play as the flood using assets from some other halo mods. The campaigns are release, recuperation, infestation, vitriol, and decay which is the shortest and not yet finished. These campaigns puts you in the shoes of a couple combat forms showing the story of the flood spreading throughout the ring. Release takes place in the swamp facility where the covenant originally released the flood. You will have to fight out of the facility dealing with the covenant and humans that eventually come to the facility. Recuperation is set in the library after masterchief had decimated the floods forces getting the index, you play as the flood slowly renewing their numbers using a covenant task force sent to retrieve the icon. Infestation is the story of the flood that crashed the spirit from the swamp directly into a hanger bay on the truth and rec, be part of the initial infestation and watch as your horde grows in number.

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A large update has come out! check this out for all the info regarding new infection, added things and fixes.

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UPDATE 10/07/19 (UK): hey guys, update once again. Sorry to make you download this even bigger file, but trust me it's worth it. In this let's say V1.2 the infection has been tightened up allowing for proper armour and weapons on the transformed elites as well as tightened up scripts to help with t-posing appearing rarely. There has also been a few changes included in the scripting in one or two levels fixing a few things as well as encounters with marines in the end of infestation. If you downloaded before the date above please re-download and enjoy the new things and improvements.

First off this all happened super fast and now it's all working I'm so damn happy about the things that I never thought could be possible being done and added to my campaigns.

First off, infection. Gravemind, the guy who made the cool infection forms, has truly outdone himself again with his contribution to this update. Actual infection of live hosts with animations to fit. I couldn't believe he did it either tbh but now it's done by him, and it's done damn well. Cannot thank this man enough for his contributions to this mod and his continued support of it since the start, give him a big hand for doing all he's done.

A few fixes. Along with the added infection I have tried to help make the maps accommodate it, things were already crowded out there and now there's more for you to fight with so stay frosty and pop them shields on higher difficulties. Hopefully the changes haven't made the campaigns either too easy or hard, please feel free to provide me with feedback in the comments. There has also been a major fix the move to OS which is THE PLASMA RIFLE IS FIXED. Somehow that did it and now we're up and running with the glorious high-polly halo plasma rifle, not the one from half life lol.

A few changes. The changing to OS and yelo files has opened up a load of stuff for me to do. To vary up recuperation there's now an enforcer for you to fight with music fixes provided throughout. We now have better jackal shielding textures thanks to the files that weren't being used as long as some improvements in other areas. I've tried re hauling most of the scripting for some levels so that some sounds aren't so loud and timing is better on certain mission.

Halo1.1 bug when using higher resolutions. If you're flood HUD is not fitting the screen please use f7 to turn off scaling in the second part of the menu.

Thanks for reading this massive ramble and hope you enjoy the updated mod.


Infection's in? Ohoho ****.

EDIT: One issue so far, the.. I don't know the word, flood overlay? Around the edges of the screen? When playing on 1920x1080 it doesn't adjust, so it just forms this square in the center of the screen.
Infection's working though, so that's neat.

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Voxophonic Author

That would be the resolution bug, turn off the scaling on the second part of the menu that comes up with f7 with OS :)
EDIT: Added a more comprehensive overview of the problem and how to fix it near the end of the this post

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