The Farthest Dawn modification for Sins of a Solar Empire is a Total Conversion dedicated to modding the game into the Farthest Dawn universe, a universe uniquely created by Visceral. The basis for the story of the mod is that there are four races in an inter-galactic struggle, each attempting to accomplish their own agendas. There is the Commonwealth, a conglomeration of corporations of the human race, all dedicated to continuing the expansion of human space, in order to keep the profit rolling in. Then, there is the Fath, the remnants of once was a vast galactic empire. They were betrayed by their artificial intelligence constructs, who have since evolved into the Controller Intelligences. The Fath lived peacefully upon their sole remaining planet, maintaining a low profile so a not to attract the attention of the Controller Intelligences. However, they were attacked by automated Commonwealth Pre-Colonization Mechanoids, and have since set out on a crusade of revolution upon humanity....

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