In The Evasion you once again take control of Adrian Shephard set shortly after the nuclear bomb that devastated the Black Mesa Research Facility. The Evasion is a small map pack for Half-Life. Development started in July 2011 and thus far is going slow but surely. Despite some hiatuses I plan on finishing it this year.

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Here's my playthru

+ A nice Xen section in the beginning that ties in very nicely with the Opposing Force story. I think most people don't like Xen platformers very much, but I don't mind it, despite falling off the first time :(
- Notice how I had to manually restart on the elevator? I really think you shouldn't put the ladders in the shaft. Realistic as they are, it distracts me into thinking there's some secret outside the elevator (is there?) and I didn't find anything. The button in the elevator appears to be messed up. I pressed it and the elevator stopped and pressing it again does nothing...
+ The lobby area (around 11:00) is REALLY GOOD! The outside area there is also decent. And I'm glad this is by no means the only good-looking area in the mod!
+ The mod caught me off guard several times with ambushing enemies! Nice challenge and keeps me alert at all times.
+ Lots of side areas to explore and small hidden bonuses (especially batteries.)

A really good mod! And the fact that you included all the OP4 content comes with both good and bad sides.
Good: People dont need OP4 to play this mod
Bad: A bit slow to download due to amount of files

But I suppose it's better to have everyone be able to try your mod, so I think this was a good idea.

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Worthy of Gearbox themselves!

This mod is incredibly fun to play. It's challenging, attractive and in some places, humorous. Everything a Half-Life mod should be.

Every inch of this mod has been painstakingly detailed and is a true inspiration to anyone who still maps for GoldSource.

The only reason I'm not giving this a 10 is because of a few issues concerning rotating doors which trapped me a couple of times and caused me to use noclip to free myself.

Other than that, absolutely sublime.


Jan 5 2013 by UrbaNebula