The Human Revolution mod adds five new races to Distant Worlds and edits one. The standard human race is edited to reflect the background story of this mod, and five more interesting races are also added. This was done because I personally found the human race in DW quite plain and boring. It did not provide for good gameplay, in my opinion, and as an AI adversary seldom proposed any resistance either. That is about to change - the Humans have got company.

Simon2525 says

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A great mod. Well made and based on an interesting idea. Players who prefer human-like races or sci-fi settings in which humans are dominant across the galaxy will certainly find this mod to be a great improvement over the original Distant Worlds.
The new races are very different even though they are human-related and each presents a slightly new playstyle opportunity. The new race and ship art matches the mod setting very well. The mod is still in development which creates possibilities for even more gameplay improvements.
I recommend this mod for anyone who wants to expand the experience of Human race playthrough in Distant Worlds.


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