The Human Revolution mod adds five new races to Distant Worlds and edits one. The standard human race is edited to reflect the background story of this mod, and five more interesting races are also added. This was done because I personally found the human race in DW quite plain and boring. It did not provide for good gameplay, in my opinion, and as an AI adversary seldom proposed any resistance either. That is about to change - the Humans have got company.

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The Human Revolution mod gets a proper Distant Worlds Universe update!

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With the release of Distant Worlds Universe, the Human Revolution mod gets an update as well. There are masses of new modding functions in Universe, and some of them have been made use of in the update. Among other things, you can now play any of the Human factions in a Milky Way kind of galaxy where the main human faction starts on planet Earth in a copy of our own Solar System. There's also a new faction, the Perfect Humans to play with or against.

Human Revolution for Distant Worlds Universe Human Revolution for Distant Worlds Universe

Human Revolution for Distant Worlds Universe

As far as components and new resources, I haven't implemented much in the mod. The mod was designed to be a platform for my own Distant Worlds let's playing on YouTube, and as such, I wanted to keep the tech tree close to vanilla for those viewers who don't use the mod. Some new resources are to be found and used though, although, I've kept them at a minimum.

The mod still retains its unique "human" look with the newslady and new shipsets. All the factions have unique shipsets, characters and playstyles reflecting the human conquest of space. Also, all the factions now have their own galactopedia texts where you can find out more about them as well.

Human Revolution for Distant Worlds Universe

I was on the Universe beta team and used my mod for experimentation. I cut some bad parts out before release, like experiments on resources, tech tree and compontents. Try it out and have fun!

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