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Preview of Tamriel Empire faction. From this moment we will publish a preview of each fraction of the mod.

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Warning: Translation from Russian
Starting today, we will publish a preview of fractions (and then, all models, but the model), in which we will tell you in detail about the factions of the mod, participating in the campaign, write out their strengths and weaknesses, and once again show their units. Well...


Let's start with her. In all senses of the word - the central fraction of the project. At empire tied a series of events such as the Stormcrown Interregnum and the Oblivion Crisis (more on that later), its lands are in the center of the map and initially all the human factions have unbreakable alliance with the Empire.


Uriel Septim VII

He ruled over an empire with 369 3E, however, a few years on the turn of the century in the Imperial Simulacrum was not in power, and was a prisoner in Oblivion. Smart, prudent and fair man. During the campaign, can not leave the Imperial City, dies in 433 year.

Historical background

The Empire of Tamriel - the state based legendary Dragonborn Tiber Septim. Prerequisites for its formation appeared in 2E 852, when he, as a young captain, defeated the army of Nords and Bretons entrenched in almost impregnable fortress Sancre Tor. General sat on Ruby Throne already in 854, when an unknown assassin killed his patron, "the Emperor Zero" Cuhlecain. Talos survived, but was not able to use a Thu'um. Starting with 862, he with sword, fire of dragon Nafalar (Nafaalilargus) and an iron fist of golem Numidium is passed through the lands of Tamriel, combining them into one empire. The ultimate goal of his campaign was the Aldmeri Dominion, subdued only in 2E 896. This was the last year of the Second Era, and next month, the Morning Star started Third Era.
History of the Empire until 3E 427 is marked by alternating times of peace and war. Thus, the most famous wars became War of the Red Diamond in 121-127 years (riot Queen Potema necromancer and her son Uriel Septim III) and its predecessor War of the Isles in 110th year (conflict between Pyandonea and Summerset), the legendary uprising of Camoran Usurper (Haymon Camoran), who captured almost entire western Tamriel and stopped only by Baron Othrok in the Iliac Bay (247-267 years), the Imperial Simulacrum of Jagar Tharn, Uriel Septim battle mage, who secretly seize the throne of Tamriel in 389-399 years and stopped the Eternal Champion, as well as the Warp in the West, to change the climate in most parts of the continent in the year 417.

Strategic position

Cyrodiil is located in the center of the continent, giving their advantages and drawbacks. Empire easy to trade with their allies, as they are all the same distance from its land, though, most often hidden from her natural barrier. However, the same enemies can easily reach Cyrodiil, especially if the unlucky player decides to fight on two or three fronts: it's up to you on the doorstep. In addition, although the Empire a lot of land with a large income, control them pretty hard, considering that quite often, the player will be faced with a problem when you want to transfer troops from one end of the province to the other, so as not all players will be able to hire a decent combat units. Stand out forts in the province of Morrowind, which also need to keep in their hands, given the rapidly deteriorating situation there. As a result:

Pros: Suitable for both building the economy and military might of the territory. The ability to trade with all at once with no problems.

Cons: Large, hard-controlled territory.

Military force

Backbone of the army - the Imperial Legions. Perhaps the most balanced army - enough, both light and medium and heavy infantry, one of the best of its kind. There is a lack of heavy cavalry, suitable for powerful cavalry strike. Plenty of archers and two magicians. Springboard for hiring all these miracles there, too - a huge province.

Divided into three types - with swords, spears, and light cavalry. These cheap men able to contend with, perhaps, only with light infantry and used as a basis for the army, but at first, until the player accumulates enough money to flaunt their counterparts with more worthy outfit ... Perhaps the greatest advantage - spearmen, which can be used to damage the enemy's cavalry, while the player is no substitute for their stronger counterparts. The actual use of them there only in defense of the city.

Light Imperial Legionnaires

In the mail armor and partial armor. Two types - swordsmen-shield-bearer and halberdier. The backbone of the army of light. Cheap enough and strong enough. In defense survive the competition of many analogues among other factions. The main trend in use - in the initial stages of the campaign, as a key force in the still young player armies, supported by the city guards.

Light Imperial Legionnaries (Skyrim)

Somewhat weaker than their counterparts in the mail armor. Chief indisputable advantage of this branch - the presence of spearmen to be a long time an important figure in your army, for lack of a more severe alternative. Three types - swordsmen, spearmen and archers. Are employed in the territory of Skyrim, if the player decides to make a expansion to the north.

Heavy Imperial Legionnaries

The most familiar of all the Morrowind players unit. Are the foundation of any well-trained army, have good attack and defense, in general, the key strength of the Legion. Three types - swordsmen-shield-bearers, archers and halberdier. Can easily compete with almost any of their counterparts in other fractions. Dressed in armor and armor, armed with growth shields.

Imperial Heavy Spearmen

These soldiers are the best spearmen, which can put on the battlefield imperial legion. Dressed in a laminar plate armor. Can stop the attack almost any horse units, the most successful they can be used in defense.

Elite Imperial Legionnaries

Start a description of these units worth with the phrase "STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!", because that phrase perfectly describes these soldiers. The best that can provide Imperial Legion. Encased in iron armor and armor. There are five types - with two-handed swords, swords and shields, bows, and the cavalry, again, the best that can provide the Empire, that does not speak in its favor, plus the battle mages. These units - the tip of a good army can only be recruited in Cyrodiil.

General bodyguard

Elite soldiers guarding dignitaries.

University mages

Powerful mages from the University of the Sacraments, owning powerful spells can turn the tide of battle. The player must be aware that the University will provide the Imperial Legion valuable and rare for soldiers is not a small price.

Akaviri Tsaesci

Wear special Akaviri armor combined with frightening masks. May be employed by Empire in the capture of the city of Rimmen. Strong and healthy warriors who bad dilute troops player in campaigns against the fraction of Elsweyr and the Aldmeri Dominion.

Knights of the Nine

Ancient order, an employee of the Imperial Cult. His soldiers are few, but they include only the best of the best.


The Secret Order of the service of the Emperor. Can not be hired anywhere in the campaign, the player can find them in the Cloud Ruler Temple, guarding this territory from the undead of the Pale Pass and possible betrayal of Skyrim. Also protected the Emperor Uriel Septim and Titus Mede.

Ebonheart guard

Elite unit, stronger than heavy, but weaker than the elite legionaries. May be employed in the old and new Ebonheart if the player decides to expand to the east.

Information on appearance is taken from the following games of the franchise: The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

It is worth remembering that everything you see here - it's still a work in progress.

Regards, Tamriel Total War Mods team (LordNazgu1 and DaedraWarrior)

Original preview on IMTW.RU: Imtw.ru


Great preview. You know, I play TW mods since 2005 and I can't tell how many TES mod projects I have seen, but it must be around 10. I can't really believe this one is actually going to be released. Keep it up!

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Hello, its a great mod but i seem to have encountered a problem in which i cannot hire imperial legion units except for light legionarries. Is there a fix for this problem?

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Ye all the French TW community is behind you guys, plus the thousand of fans of Elder Scroll serie ! :D

Keep up good work !

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It look good, but maybe so much Era's mixed ? but awesome anyway

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My goodness I can't wait. I love the Empire!

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Can you preview other factions possibly a khajiit one *hint hint nudge nudge*

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