"The Elder Scrolls: Total War" is a total conversion of Medieval 2 Total War - Kingdoms. It gives you a glimpse into the world of The Elder Sсrolls, as the head of one of the 20 factions fighting for dominance over Tamriel...

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Today we tell you about the factions of mod, their cultures, religions and values ​​on the campaign map.

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Faction list

In The Elder Scrolls: Total War you have the ability to manage the 21st fraction, four of which are not available in campaign.

Here is the complete list:

- Tamriel Empire
- Kingdom of Skyrim
- Kingdom of Daggerfall
- Kingdom of Wayrest
- Clan of Forebears
- Clan of Crowns
- Tribunal Temple
- Great House Hlaalu
- Great House Telvanni
- Great House Redoran
- Great House Dres
- Great House Dagoth
- Kingdom of Pelletine
- Kingdom of Anequina
- Clans of Blackmarsh
- Aldmeri Dominion
- Kingdom of Orsinium
- Hordes of Oblivion
- Kingdom of Morrowind
- Hordes of Undead
- Rebels

Hordes of Oblivion and Morrowind Kingdom are not available factions. Since the first fraction are invading, and the second - a fraction that appears under certain conditions. Hordes of Undead, and Rebels are rebel factions.

At more than 20 fractions in mod accounts for 7 unique cultures:

- Imperial
- Velothy
- Khajiit
- Daedra
- Orcs
- Argonian
- Aldmeri

And 8 religions:

- The Cult of the Nine
- Cult of the Tribunal
- The adoration of the Daedra
- Cult of Dagoth Ur
- Cult of Ya'ha-jai
- Cult of Hist
- Cult of Malacath
- Cult of Auriel

Each faction, anyway, has a number of regions, which depends on the historical background in the world of The Elder Scrolls. So, the Empire of Tamriel, the Kingdom of Skyrim and the Aldmeri Dominion are the biggest factions have controlled more than 15 territories. List of factions formed as 427th year 3E, which is the start of the campaign's (final - the 45th year of the 4E).
The campaign will be more than 600 turnes, because it has a system of 12 turns per year. The campaign will include about 20 historical events based on the events of this fifty-year period.

Faction standing


Seems to be a really good mod, i hope to play it, if its done.

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awesome also I hate to nitpick but are the images of the daggerfall region final or are they still a work in progress cause I noticed a lot inconsistencies

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LoRdNazgu1 Author

What kind of inconsistencies you talking about? Yes they are still a WIP.

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namely waywrest is on a island when it should be on the mainland there should be a province called menevia between wayrest and alcaire there are some other missing provinces but they have only apperaed in daggerfall so im not 100% certin if bethesda still consider it canon considering it came out 18 years ago

also heres a map of the illac bay used in dagerfall if your interested Images.uesp.net

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LoRdNazgu1 Author

Wayrest stands in the Bjoulsae delta. As it should be. Generally, it is located on both banks of the river, but it will have to do two cities on the map (on two different banks), and we can not afford it. So we put him in the delta. I'll explain later. As for Menevia: in High Rock should be many more provinces, such as Ykalon, Phrygias, Urvaius, Kambria, but they are not on the strategic map, because we are up against the limit, and the engine does not allow us to implement all of them.
About canon: All cities in Skyrim were still in Arena, but Bethesda had implemented them in TES V. I'm sure Bethesda have no reason not to consider the cities of Daggerfall is not canonical.

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How about you add another Faction 'Septim Empire' and put them in West Skyrim and East High rock and change tamriel Empire to Meade Empire

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Cuz this isnt that time period.

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So i understood, there are no dwemers?

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